BlindWrite is out

A new version ( is out on

This time adding new profiles (Bad sectors + Normal) etc

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

but unofficial, so itโ€™s at your own risk !

Sure :-))

New version of BW - dated Jan., 31 - is out and adds new profile (Audio) and a new erase-tool !!!

I have already tried audio profile for copy an audio protected cd with cds200.
Better results than other software I tried before but still get clicksโ€ฆ

clicks ?

Hi lapinou!
Yes, I mean clicks caused by faked c2 errors that are in audio protected tracks with the latest build of cds200 (CDS200.5.0.151
Al Green latest I canโ€™t stop album is protected with this protection and itโ€™s impossible for me to copy it without getting random clicks e/or skips in audio tracks.
I have tried with all my drives (Plextor 708a, Lite-On 163, Ultraplex 32) and with every available software on the market (even with EAC and Plextools Professional).
Same results. Clicks.

I try to burn a SecuRom protected image(made by alcohol) with blindwrite.
It reports that the quanlity of tropology is too poor then it burns at MAX speed(52X)
While the older ver of blindwrite(5.0) burns the same image automatically at 4X and produces a perfect working copy with my Premium fw 1.05
Is blindwrite trying to get rid of alcohol:confused:

well , we canโ€™t support the alcohol format as well as our own. did you try to make the private copy using blindwrite to read as well.