Blindwrite 4.5.7 no longer handle Safe Disc v3.2

Tried to back up Farcry using Blindwrite v4.5.7. Then emulate the game with Daemon Tool version 3.46. The game just wouldn’t start. Do I have to use Blindwrite v5 for the latest Safe Disc v3.2 to achieve the result ?

What happens when you try to load the game?
Do you have any other burning or emulation software installed?

I only have Damon Tool v3.46 & Blindwrite v4.5.7 installed except autoplay drivers. I afraid if I do install the Blindwrite auto play driver then I will get a Conflict software emulation message which I had last time.

What happens when you try to run the game?

Keep asking me to insert the correct CD in the drive. And that was it.

What are you using for a reader/writer? Slow down your read speed to about 4X and see what happens.

I use the Lite On 40125S as a reader and a writer. I tried both 4X & Max to read. Write speed Max. No luck! The back up wouldn’t run at all.

also tried splinter cell pandorra tomorrow with BW 4.5.7 reading at 4x with subcodes with my toshiba writing with my plex at 4x. Didn’t pass the SafeDisc check in any of my drives. Hide atip for my burners enabled:). With alc using SafeDisc 3.1 and BW5 (own profile) made a ‘working backup’, but it just works in my plex not in my toshiba. So perhaps try one of these gamesfanatic

Which program do you use to back up PANDORA TOMORROW ? I have since remove Clone CD from my PC and installed Damon TOOL v3.46 instead. I’ll give Alcohol a try. But I doubt it will work as it also failed on latest Securom v5 as well. No matter you have Damon Tool or not. It won’t make any different.

A game with Safedisk 3.15 or 3.20 ; Will it work in all drives using Blindwrite 5 + autoplay? Installing in the correspondent computers autoplay 5 alone install?

read with my toshiba wrote with my plex used alcohol 1.4.8xxx. With alcohol used safedisc profile 2/3 with reading subcodes checked, burning EFM unchecked, read speed 4x write speed 4x. BlindWrite 5.1.5xxx read with my plex write with my plex using my own profiles I can send them to you if you want.
Both didn’t pass SafeDisc check on my tosh but on my plex with hide atip as described above.

Don’t use your plex premium to write.

If you read with your toshiba Pandora Tomorrow at around 4x will it play mounted on daemon tools?

If yes, then try and burn with your liteon.

I got mine to work using an asus 5224A to read at 12x and write at max… so it is possible.

Using BW5.1.5 of course.

Read this for more info.

Hi fellows,

I assume the new stuff for both securom & safedisc is the fight against “emulation devices” such as blind, clone etc…

The game just won’t launch, even if it is the original, as long as it detects a program that is able to emulate, no matter if it is in use or not.
I had this trouble with Deus ex 2 & pandora tomorrow, but havn’t checked for far cry.

There are a lot of interesting posts about the deus ex 2 issue on the forum. Apparently, eidos is willing to take its chance about it, no matter if it’s legal or not ( so far, depending the country you are in).
As long as i know, it is not legal regarding the consummer’s rights in mine : it should at the minimum wear a label warning so.
If you ask me, that is a dangerous bet : if you buy a game you cannot even play at, it might give certain people some bad ideas about the need of actually, really buying the software, if you catch my drift…
I have to say, that blacklisting emulation is fair enough, but they could at least have designed a stuff checking if it is actually in use or not, and authorizing the launch if not.
I hope they will correct it very soon?
What do you think?


the plex worked fine till SafeDisc 3.15 with my profile (always testing at a ‘clean machine’), but with 3.20 got no luck. I know that my litey should be better and the plex is not ‘the one’ for this. Didn’t try my litey because it’s unplugged at the moment. I can mount my image with daemon tools 3.46 and it works fine with no safedisc emulation. Don’t like emulation at all so using BW5 automatic profile with autoplay is not for me. You got autoplay enabled? or used a custom profile without autoplay?

p.s. will burn it with my litey the next days and post my results

Autoplay is only used for compatability. If you don’t have BW installed on your comp then it will still work. If however you find a drive to play that won’t run it, then you can always install the stand alone.

The reason i say not to use your plex because it is a hit and miss drive. Some premiums work, ie kamikazees’, whilst mine doesn’t. Both same model number but two seperate capabilities. I too have the same liteon as you and it works for me. It’s a great drive to write but not good at reading, hence i use my asus to read.

I really don’t understand why people think autoplay is bad. It’s a very powerful function that can be left on the disc but not used, until one day maybe it is required. Then instead of having to create a new backup, it’s already there waiting for u. It’s not like clonecd where you always have to hide cdr media checked, or alcohol’s ingore media type. It’s only used when needed and doesn’t effect the game.

I agree with you that autoplay from BlindWrite is not a ‘bad thing’ and if it is necessary I’m using it and it’s really great :iagree:. But as long as I don’t need it I won’t use it because I like my backups to be ‘real 1:1’. Sounds a little bit strange but I feel more comfortable knowing this. Maybe it’s just and personal thing :p.
My premium worked fine until SD 3.2, the games were always running from my toshiba. Didn’t use my litey because there was no reason for this till now as you see, but now ‘she’ has to go back to work:bigsmile:

dunno bout todays new ver of BW5 but before this ver it cannot burn sd3.2

never tried with sd3.15 as A120 allways did a fine job of safedisk anyway (as it still does) :slight_smile: hence my statement BW5 cant burn it. unless some1 decides to try todays new BW5 and it works in which case im not really proved wrong but its fact before this ver it couldnt do it.