Blindwrite Released

A new version has been released to fix the PcAtip problem that has been plagueing some users of 98/ME, this will also provide a fix for the issues plaqueing XP/2000/2003 between alcohol and blindwrite.

so if everyone who had problems with bw & alc could test this new release and report the results…

I have 4.5.1 installed right now. With Blindwrite is it ok to install 4.5.2 over top or is it recommended to uninstall and then reinstall. Reason why I ask is because some apps have no problems installing over top while others do.

well, normally it should be no problem to install over an existing version…
if you have problems with this, uninstall and make sure “Patin Couffin engine” (under “VSO devices” in device manager) has been removed. if not remove manually.

What exactly was the problem with this. As i have win98 i could not find anything wrong.


It was a cd authentication problem for SafeDisk 2.90 and above for some.

Excellent stuff! Just tried DEVASTATION SD 2.9. Did the reading with a Mitsumi & the writing also. 700MB cdr & cdrw Perfect!!!. Installs from all my drives and i have a few. And also recognised by all of them with no problems. Going to try different combinations with the other drives to see what happens. Here’s 7 of them for a start:

Pioneer A05 DVD-r/rw
LG 52x cdrw
Ricoh 5120 dvd+r/rw
Liteon 52246S
Mitsumi 48x9TE
Toshiba XM-6402B Cd Rom
Toshiba SD-M 1402 DVD Rom

Did the reading at 4x and writing at 10x. Tried it at a higher speed first but no luck so the lowered the read and write speed.
Bingo!!! Excellent stuff [VSO]Philipp and all the blindwrite team.


Hi Bobie,
Did you use weak sectors emulation?

Sorry for the delay captqbec. Yes. Autoplay and Enhance weak sectors selected. Don’t forget though i’ve only tried it with the Mitsumi so far.
Unclebobie23 :slight_smile: