Blindwrite can 't write cd-text > bug?



I 've tried to make a copy from an audio cd with cd-text using blindwrite suite Blindread can read it but blindwrite can’t write it. It 's got nothing to do with my burner because it worked with Nero. I 've tried al these methods: Sao cooked / Sao Raw / Sao Raw RW / Dao PQ / Dao PW.
(manual says cd-text is written in subchannels PW)
So is this a bug?

quote from there homepage < [Blindwrite Suite is the best set of tools to reproduce or clone any CD, even protected ones. Blindwrite Suite is the most powerfull tool to create a perfect copy from your original CD for personal private copy.] >

But it can 't even copy cd-text.
I find it strange that Nero can do this and blindwrite not.


Did you read with subs?


Originally posted by philamber
Did you read with subs?

Yes, i read with subs. I 've got in blindwrite in the “CD TOC details” window the same info (audio tracks+cd-text) like the “cd info” in blindread. Blindwrite just don’t burn it.