BlindWrite 4.2 & SD 2.8x

So BW does the new SecuROM, has anyone tested it with SafeDisk 2.8.x? I have a Lite-On LTR-40125S so burning it should be no problem

Post SD2 results here

If this works too then I guess I’m going to be purchasing it soon, as CloneCD seems to be falling too far behind :frowning:

I had thought about Alcohol 120% or CD Mate as they both do SD 2.8.x but if BW does it all them I’m going to be a happy bunny :smiley:

I also like to know the results of blindwrite regardin SafeDisc 2.8x. If blindwrite can copy it is the new cloneCD, because it can deal with all the protections with a very easy to use interface.

What i think this forum needs now is some Safedisc 2.8x results as alot of people are piling on the questions

Can Blindwrite Copy SD 2.8x?

Ive only got got as high as 2.7x (Links 2003) so thats out of the question because its burnable.

At least according to this thread, I dont’ have own a game with the latest Safedisc so I can’t test.

yes… we test with Mafia, Unreal, NOLF2, Hitman 2…
so it works with any games.
except if someone post a report of failed copy on a special cd.

Originally posted by lapinou
yes… we test with Mafia, Unreal, NOLF2, Hitman 2…
so it works with any games.

er… only mafia has SD and that too v2.70.
has it been tested on NFS HP2, FIFA 2003, SIMS Unleased etc.?

is it normal that a copy of Securom “2.8xx” done with Blindwrite + BWA takes very long time to be loaded during the protection check?

yes… it depends on your units… my plextor S88 take 45 secondes to start Hitman 2, on the same computer my laptop combo need 10 secondes… so you see the differences…

But the original (i talk about HITMAN 2) starts immediatly!
So BWA can’t reproduce 1:1 sector density?

Just like Venom386 said “1:1 days of copying are over”

As long as i don’t have to use my original im happy :slight_smile:

As to the original question, the answer is no. Blindwrite cannot successfully copy sd 2.8x.

See my results with NFSHP2 here.