Blindwrite 4.2.6 preview


guys interested to test the new version can download it from :

the bwa handling is different, some options were moved to settings … the autoplay feature allow to burn even in SAO Cooked in some circonstances.
Autoplay filter updated…

any feedback is welcome


Originally posted by lapinou
the bwa handling is different

What changes have been made to the bwa handling?

ok, i downloaded the new version of blindwrite, i read on ur earlier post that it uses a new method to burn securom.

i tried copying lotr, i made bwa files for the play cd but none for install cd, since it was just a install only cd and has no physical properties on it :stuck_out_tongue:

i tried copying the install cd, but every time i try to burn it it keeps telling me “cannot find file “” check to see if the folder was moved” or something to that extent. the play cd burned fine, so i thought, what the hell and made a bwa file for the install cd, it was a perfect curve, no deep pitches or anything of that sort. i put it in the dir with the install cd and guess what, the image burned. basically it keeps trying to find a bwa file even tho there isnt one or one is not needed, it just needs a bwa file, no matter.

second issue, not sure if its really a issue or somethign i didnt do but i turned on the autoplay feature before i even bother trying to burn these images, as the twinpeaks method does not work for me unless i use 2 cds which i hate anyway, anyhow autoplay is on, i burn the cds, install cd1 and cd2 the installation passes, i try to run the game and nothing happens, it fails securom authentication. i tried runign it with blindwrite on, still nothing, only other program i got installed on the machine is clonecd, and i tried it with clonecd tray on and off, still nothing. is there a way to turn on the autoplay feature or make it show in taskbar or something? im assuming the autoplay feature needs to be on for securom to authenticate, and i assume its emulation but i dunno… i burned it on a HL-DT-ST RW/DVD (it’s a lg burner, 2 sheep). any help is appreciated

@ lapinou : almost afraid to ask but is the asus 48 and 52 speed supported in this version !?
And if not, could i edit the dbase itself to make it support them !


ok we reproduce the bugs, we will release another version soon…

Originally posted by lapinou
ok we reproduce the bugs, we will release another version soon…

when will the new version be out mate ?
i read a post saying 2 hours ?

its been about 5 now i think or was that post about this version in here hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

well im not downloading this one you replyed saying we will release another version soon ?

so when is soon ? hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

well… we are still working on it… so … not before tomorrow… it works fine on xp/2000. we are fixing problems with 98…

yeah virus, at least lap’s workin on fixin it, its hella better than him finalizing it with bugs in it, im glad hes delaying it to fix it up :slight_smile:

also i dont mind the emulation method, tho blindwrite will need to be installed its way better than burning 2 cds just coz u bought a tosh or a plex :stuck_out_tongue:

lap befour releaseing it :stuck_out_tongue:

check out the liteon cdrw burners !!

my 48125W stoped working with the BWA builder of this new release :frowning:

can you work on that to please…:o

funny u should say that virus, i tested the bwa builder on my plextor, and when i tell it to make the bwa file, it works and when it get to 100% it crashes every time. happens on my plextor pxw2410a. check the bwa builder lapinou, appears some drives that worked with earlier versions now have problems with it :stuck_out_tongue:
my toshiba XM-6202b also crashes at 100% complete on a bwa read… the laptop seems to work with it fine, but it could just be luck :stuck_out_tongue:

more testing done…

this morning a friend of mine was saying the date of the bw 4.2.6 has changed to today’s date, and of course i redonwloaded it and tried it out.

the bugs that i encountered before seem to be ironed out. I image ut2003 on the lg burner, made a bwa file on the lg , and then made a bwa on the plextor to test the bwabuilder, the bwabuilder seems to work correctly now. I then burned ut2003 with autorun enabled on the laptop, it built 150 sectors from the bwa file, i then installed it on the laptop to test installaiton, installation is good, i then tested playing it. play works, 2 second authentication time just like original. I then started messing around with blindwrite in general, I uninstalled it from laptop, tried running ut, fails coz autoplay is needed. I then reinstalled blindwrite and ut works. good job lapinou :slight_smile:

we updated several times the autoplay… I think now it is ok for the engine / autoplay etc…
last version was posted 13/12 9 h GMT+1

Well guys after making tests with some games like Ut2k3, Hitman 2 and Never Winter Nights the result were 100%perfect copies in all my devices including toshiba cd-readers and dvd-readers.
This was I did:

Using Blindwrite 4.26 preview

BWA builder: I used Plexwriter 40/12/40 at 8x of reading
Blindread: Plexwriter 40/12/40 without extract subcodes and in nible mode at max. speed.
Blindwrite: Plextor 8/20 SCSI in Dao-PW at max speed=8x.

copies 100% readables in all devices I have tried: plextor, toshiba, liteon, teac and asus devices.
The only problem; in some devices like toshiba I have to try some times in order to bypass the protection and enter in the games but it works perfect.
Now I will try new version of BW 4.27; but I am very happy with these results. Good luck with these steps if someone have these drives.

i have 6602b and i can play but not install?