Blindwrite 4.2.5 RC leaked

we are waiting your feedback.

this version introduce the AutoPlay feature.

You don’t need anymore Insektor, please remove uninstall it.

Well, your company willingly distributes every
few days a new version and use the readers of
this forum as beta-testers (something they
apparently appreciate much), this can hardly be
called a ‘leaked’ software :wink:


well … you are agree.
because there is a lot of expert in this forum. The feedback received allow us to develop faster.
each new version introduce a new feature, of course, if you think it is too much, we can delay the release and focus on other products.

No, it´s not too much!!! :Z :bigsmile:

Your company apparently tries to get more market shares with a fast releasing sequence. The betatesters thank you.

The times, in which you are on the up and up can be sometimes short.

Enjoy!!! VSO


It depends lapinou would you care to elaborate on your new products? :bigsmile:


I don’t use Blindwrite, but as I said before
people here seem to appreciate the beta
versions, so feel free to continue… after all, in
the end this will only make a better product,
which is what both your company and your end
users are looking for.


Just checked the blindwrite page and it looks like 4.2.5 is out !

Just wanted to say ! :smiley:


well… I don’t think I have to add something else.
We didn’t make release for the pleasure of making new release.
we added each time a new feature, because we prefered to do this and wait for feedback to add the next features.
we are a small company, but vso exists since several years.
we do our best, Alcohol and CloneCD are very good products otherwise they wouldn’t be so popular.
I let people think what they want to think about us. when I “leaked” ( maybe it is not the right word to us ) … people were free to download or not.
I have to add better feedback with a true betatester team.

I don’t think to post any information on cdfreaks change anything about our market share, because all cdfreaks members know and use the same products, and not only one products.

it is the choice of anybody to provide feedback about our products, you can keep information for yourself, but it doesn’t allow to produce best products.