Blindwrite 4.2.5 has been released - introduces autoplay

I just posted the article Blindwrite 4.2.5 has been released - introduces autoplay.

Labchild used our newssubmit to tell us that VSO-Software has released another new version of Blindwrite. This new version introduces the feature autoplay.

This should make ‘insektor’…

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This is the statement off their site “Blindwrite Suite is the best set of tools to reproduce or clone any CD, even protected ones. Blindwrite Suite is the most powerfull tool to create a perfect copy from your original CD for personal backup use.” I believe this to be a very true statement. Bye bye CloneCD, RIP Ollie. :wink: Must be concentrating on another project. I never liked CloneCD4, it sucked big time :(, but thats my own opinion! :slight_smile: Greetz The Diplomat :8 Don’t forget me cigars for Crimbo :4

LOL! Good job Blind Team!

don’t get it. what are you talking about? newest insectors 3 didn’t even have an atip hide feature, at least there was no check box “hide atip”. and where is this new feature in blindread? I can’t see it. where can I switch it on/off? (just installed bl. 4.2.5)

it is called autoplay, you can turn on/off in the settings. Insektors hide atip, but it was not displayed as hide atip, but another generic sentence

ok, I found the setting in the settings of blindwrite. but I still don’t get it: how does it work? I switched it on, started cdr identifier and atip was still visible. if I hide atip in alcohol, cdr identifier can’t read atip. or does this new blindwrite feature work only with cds burnt with blindwrite with this setting switched on? In other words, if I burn a cd with this setting switched on, do I have to play the game on a computer, where blindwrite /patin driver are installed, or will the atip also be hidden, even if blindwrite or other atip tools are not installed? Is there more info on this feature somewhere?

“Blindwrite 4.2.5 is available. AutoPlay filter require a reboot after the installation. AutoPlay is an automatic hide media option (like insektor previously) it will run on cd burned with this version.” I think the last part of the above sentence should answer your question reguarding when autoplay will run.

well I tried and tried to copy ghost recon with clonecd no joy finally with this version of blind-suite I was able to do it using my asus 52x cdrom as the reader and my lite-on 32123s as the writer … time to send the blindwrite team some cash and forget clonecd (for now I’m certain they will rise to the challenge)