BlindWrite Command sequence error

Hello! I was hoping someone out there could help me with my backup woes. It seems that after following all of the good info out there in the forums on how to create my .BWI, .BWT, and .BWA files for NOLF2, I get a “Command sequence error”.

My burner is a Panasonic CW-7586. It’s listed as supported for DAO PW mode.

I’ll just include the error log for anyone willing to take a look at it. All help is greatly appreciated!

Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Service Pack 1 (Build 2195)
Patin-couffin version 10 in use
Blindwrite Version
Cd Unit report started at 12/8/2002 1:21:44 PM

UnitId : “CD-RW CW-7586”
FwID : “”
FwDate : “1.08”
Drivers : 00000000/00000000/000000000000001F
Speeds : 32/8/4/0
Bsize : 2048
Flags : 00000

end of CD Unit report
Unit 1:0:0 - MATSHITA CD-RW CW-7586 1.08 [E] (Ide)
Speed x4
VolumeId : “NOLF2_CD1”
Hash : D4FD01F66AD5E5F90EA513D7448016E6D304A9A1
HD image “NOLF2_CD1.BWT”
Writing mode : DAO PW
No subcodes in file. they’ll be generated
Physical CD descriptor (BWA) file found.
1719 dual sectors will be added to recreate lower sector densities
MMC Write error reported at sector -12508 : Code 05 2C 00 [Illegal request, Command sequence error]
Cache synchronization failed : Code 05 2C 00 [Illegal request, Command sequence error]
Sectors read : 20454
Sectors built: 0
CD is incomplete

I am new member and joined hoping also to find sollution to above problem regarding Code 05 2c 00 (Illegal Request, Command Sequence Error). Any information would be appreciated, thanks.

Hi scrabus44 - it’s a bit of a specialist topic so I’ve transferred your question to the VSO forum.

Ressurrected an 5+ years old thread…

Post a logfile here.