Blindwrite 4.2.4 RC


for people interested to test and provide feedback… I leak this Release candidate… at your own risk…

see for information about this version.

will not except my registration code. Oh well


i will instal it

finally a new version!
i hope the liteon drives will work with this version of bwa builder!

to be clear…

the problem is not blindwrite… but liteon… see my test on

if before it works the bwa were bad… but seem to be good.

well… anyway provide feedback on this one… but Liteon problems it liteon… feel free to contact liteon to request them to correct the problems…

doy you have any experience with toshiba sd-m1612 and creating a .bwa file?

my yamaha crw-f1 refuses to make a .bwa file and to create an image. nothing happens but the system hangs and the drive makes sounds

thanks in advance

The BWA’s I created last time were good, they all worked, but not now. No happy medium?

i can’t imagine that it is a liteon-problem!
version 4.2.1 works well!
so…why is it liteon’s fault?

is the toshiba sd-m1612 cabable of creating working .bwa files?

thanks in advance!

Why it’s a Liteon problem and not a BWA’s one if Alcohol can do reliable MDS files at 32x with all Liteons?

made with BWA Toshiba 1712 copy will start faster then
with Lieteon 40125w.

In my NEC DVD 5800 the Liteon BWA Copy was starting indermidiantly (sofort)

indermidiately(sofort) = emmediately

Originally posted by damiandimitri
indermidiately(sofort) = emmediately

Almost :slight_smile: should be immediately :smiley:

lol, but i was close


It’s not only LiteOn problem. I have Plextor 2410A and same problems too.
BW 4.2.1 with BWA make working backup from NOLF2, but newer versions doesn’t.

Now I know how Rylex feels.

BW will not recognise a CD-ROM in my:[ul][li]Acer CRW-1610A[]ASUS CRW-5224A[]Lite-On LTD-163D[]Toshiba SD-M1402[]Toshiba SD-R1202[]Mitsi Diamond data 52x[]and blue screened on my ASUS CRW-4816A and closed rather dramatically[/ul]
It recognised the disc in my[ul][]Lite-On LTR-40125S[]ASUS CRW-4816A[/ul]Can’t test the other units at the moment

BW 4.24RC successfully created BWA file and image of Neverwinter Nights from my Lite-On 40125S

up to which speed ? ( the bwa file ) with the liteon ?

I only read the BWA at 4X speed…

Let me know if you would like me to try anything else / other speeds

I also made a good image with BW4.2.1 and also BWA file for UT2k3. I can’t get a good image now with BW4.2.3 on a Lite-On 48x or 2410b.

I can read UT2003_CD1.BWT with the Lite-On 40125S but it does not appear in the list of readers!

I can’t read with the ASUS 40x, 48, or 52x but they appear in the list of writers (with the Toshiba 1202)! But when I load the image and click Next, nothing happens except the Back and Quit buttons grey out!

After, I go back (after reloading image file to get the back button) because Quit doesn’t work and go through the settings I can get a writer to the next dialogue. I then coastered with an index out of bounds :frowning:

I then tried the Toshiba 1202 and got a coaster (same error) as well after about 10 seconds.

After a bit of fiddling & rebooting, I finally got the 40125S recognised and wrote a coaster, even with emulation enabled and Hide ATIP:

The RC is basically useless, I afraid to say, on my system. I’ll roll back to 4.2.2 and see what happens.

Nice .bwa from the 40125S though: