Blindwrite 4.2.3 has been released - and many more updates to go

I just posted the article Blindwrite 4.2.3 has been released - and many more updates to go.

Shadowman,eblaauw,vio_man,The swede and too many more to note here all used our newssubmit to tell us that a new version of the Blindwrite Suite has been released. And according to the developers,…

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Yup this sure is good news for everyone, looks like Clonecd has had it’s day, aww well competition is always there ready too take over. Thanks Ollie for CloneCD, which was a great program in it’s time. Greetz from The Diplomat:8

Instead of Blindwrite i would call it Bugwrite. Lets start by fixing all the bugs before releasing unstable versions all the time which cant make good backups. Even the first ever version of CloneCD was more stable than BW 4.2.3x… CloneCD may not take on all the new harder protections but atleast its stable, and by the way Olli has taken some well earned vacation and not releasing that many new versions over the past months. Why be so nervous biting your fingernails of instead of waiting for further releases of a quality program like CloneCD.

clonecd isn’t stable, it crashes my winXP. blindwrite does not. means blindwrite is more stable. and can copy nearly all protections

CCD has never crashed on me, nor did i find any bugs in the program. I’m betting that Ollie is taking his time to make sure that when he releases the next version of CCD that is pretty much blows away what is on the market right now. I would be at all surprised if the next release was v5, had built in “clony xxl” feature and copied all protections. Like OneWithDarkness stated, get the known bugs worked out first before releasing a new version and if a bug is hidden, let the users report it.

This software BlindWrite can beat the new SafeDisc and Securom protections. This software rules!!!

That’s all well and good guys, but can anyone explain to me, step by step, how to back up Emperor-RotMK? Thanks in advance

do not lose faith in clonecd yet. from what i have read. ollie is trying to make the copying of cd’s so easy that all you do is have to hit “copy” and everything else is automatic. clonecd is not dead, and their rain is not over.

why can’t Ollie go back too the old interface and incorporate a scanner such as the BlindSuite guys have done… Besides CloneCD 4 sucks big time, no offence intended :wink: Greets too the creators of this great site :8