Blindwrite 4.2.3 & 24102B

Hello all…

I am receiving UT2003 and Mafia on Monday and first thing I would like to do is make a working backup of it.

Has anyone had experience with making a sucessfull back up with this drive and maybe even any other software if Blindwrite doesn’t work?

I’d suggest to use the search function on UT2003 and BW, or even read the sticky thread about the new version of BW. There are tones of posts about successfull attempts on backing up these games with BW and the corresponding settings for doing so.

The BW subforum aint that big yet. All you have to do is browse though the threads’ subjects :wink:

Mafia is Safedisc 2.70.030, so you should have no problems backing that one up using latest CloneCD.

Does anyone know if the new James Bond 007: Nightfire has any type of copy protection?