Blindwrite problem

Doing a burn from an image that BW says is ok when tested using DAO pq it gets to just about the very end of the burn and I get the BSOD every freaking time … sao cooked burns the same image fine but then it needs a no cd patch or similar if it’s a sd2.51.x file etc Using the alternative ASPI supplied with BW… sys specs are as follows… any ideas ???

soyo p4s ultra sis 645 chipset
512 mb kingston tiny bga pc 2700 @ 333mhz
intel p4 2.0a
maxtor 40 gb hdds x2 dam 133 @ dma 100 on primary ide ports ( raid not used at the moment)
asus 52 cdrom 1.8k rev.
liteon 32x (s model)
win 98 se
ati retail radeon 8500
enermax 400 psu
TB santa cruz sound card ( onboard sound disabled)
onboard sis lan, toshiba modem road runner cable isp 2mb down 384kps up, di 704 router

Try dao pw. It’s supported by your 32x Litey and so long as you don’t get the BSOD your back-up will work.

ok I oc’d my lite-on 32123s to a 40125s and now blindwrite only shows an option for sao cooked in the drop down on the burn page … when it sees the drive it reports all forms of burn are supported… tried it with 3 different iso’s and 2 different types of media reinstall didnt fix it either what happened ??

I have the same problem with a TRUE LiteOn 40x, you can manually change and add the checkmarks to DAO PQ and PW and they will end up showing up as burn options later on. I think it’s the Blindwrite people just didn’t add the 40125 to the database that checks burners…

DOH !!! I didn’t look there … works now thanx for reminding me