BlindWrite 4.0.4 out



I just posted the article BlindWrite 4.0.4 out.

Blindwrite Suite is a set of tools to reproduce or clone any CD even protected ones. Blindwrite Suite is the more powerfull tool to create a perfect copy from your original CD for personal backup…

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That a very quick post update, it’s only just turned 01:18 here in the UK :wink: Greetz too all from The Diplomat :8


Wonder if there’s anybody still uses this software out there… Best combination: 1.CloneCD 2.Nero :slight_smile:


i use blindread/write all the freakin time i use clone to burn on the fly


I must agree with Black-wolf That and some help from Daemon tools. u have the ultimate combination :d


Yesssss!! :slight_smile: Black-wolf and GringoINC, not evereybody has a CCD-compatible writer!


blindwrite KICKZ AZZ!! i hardly use clonecd cause i allmost only burn instead of rip cds and the images i use are mostly bin/cue and thats what blindwrite rulez in