Blindsuite 4.4B stay clear WARNING

I downloaded this release, thinks its a beta, well cut a long story short, after I installed it and rebooted, I lost all 4 of me cdroms and windows kept giving me an error code of 39, cannot install these devices. :frowning: (2 Ide devices and 2 scsi devices). Did a system restore and blindsuite gone and me cdroms back. :bigsmile:

Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

Greetz The Diplomat:D

It was fixed as of the 15th
From the VSO site:

Latest news

15th of Mai 2003
Blindwrite 4.4b

  • A corrupted file in the installer caused crash, we corrected the problem, you should download again is needed. Or contact us for assistance.

took them less than two days to fix the problem and get it back online, what more could you ask for?