Use Blindread to copy the CD to your HD. It´s very simple and stabile. I use Mitsumi 4802TE as reader (and writer) ,it reads ANY protected CD whitout trouble. TS1 took about 8 minutes to copy…
Another funny thing is that Blindread “ignore” the “faked cd-size”. And you don´t need those 80 minutes CD.
What I mean with “faked CD-size” ???
Try this…
Put your orginal TS1 in the computer. ~676 MB.
If you now browse the CD and look at the filesize for each file (and add all filesize). It will gives you about 656 MB.
E.g the cd-size is not 676MB it´s a fake, maybe caused of the “unreadeble data”.
I have seen this on every SafeDisc protected CD.

Haven´t anybody else “find” this funny thing ?
Maybe you don´t use Blindread ? If not…which program do you use to make an CD-copy to your HD ?? (is it possible whit Nero or CDRWin ??)

Yes of course my back-up CD works as fine as my original-CD.