Blindread/-write & CloneCD work-around's (in german only!)

I just posted the article Blindread/-write & CloneCD work-around’s (in german only!).


in the past the german CD-Recording Site Burner’s Archive was completely re-designed and had to re-build the whole contents because of a crash of the newsscript - so there weren’t any…

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I don’t understand german, but i will not miss it!!!

If you don’t understand german for sure you will miss it. You will look like a bull staring at a palace.:slight_smile:

I was meaning that i will find someone to traduce me the site…

its quite similar to dutch … so I guess I’ll understand it. But I don’t think I need it anyway. I’ve never had troubles copying with CloneCD :4

Just use Altavista World translate to read this article in other languages… Link: :slight_smile:

Hård! I don’t need any guides but some dudes will need. This piss of here is so much german or some another langua new, Eh, maybe not but still this piss off!

Well defiz, I appreciate every conversation - but if you are so cool and like to “piss” on one’s work, why do you take time to post such worthless & dumb reactions - for sure that “guide” wasn’t made for those who know how to handle CloneCD/Blindwrite, but there are still some guys starting to work with this great software… And be sure - Iam going to write more “guides” and “tutorials” - if you need or not - most of my visitors seem to like and may be some of them really need some more info than stupid non-creative reactions like yours … btw.if you think your “piss” is funny, “piss off” yourself & safe your money :4