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We’ve got Blindread, but now the makers of this piece of software are also busy with a new piece of software, BlindWrite.

BlindWrite is quite ready…

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This is so Coll!!!

Could someone help me ???
I love blindread but…i just have some probs with DLL files…
Blindread just refuses to copy them…

No Way CloneCD is the KING
no one can break it!!!

I think CloneCD will get a run for it’s money when blindwrite is released.

CloneCD may be good but it does not support the best writers i.e. yamaha so why bother just use Blindread as its better and when blind write appears all of unsupported drive owners will be happy again!!!

you honestly don’t think that blindwrite will require any less of hardware than cloneCD do you? It has to do exactly the same thing and more if it wants to beat cloneCD.
Think before you write is a good lesson we’ve all learned today.
(btw… since when did yammy get better than plextor?)

I’ve heard rumours that the new blindread/write combo will b able 2 read the copy bootup data on psx cd’s.
Could this be the end of the modchip?

You actually think Yamaha drives are the best? You must be on crack! Plextor is the best in CD & CDR drives for like forever! Stop playing with Yamaha, they were good when they first started making CDR drives, but they are all basically average now.

Sorry to Disappoint the Yamaha owner but I just got rid of mine 'cause they’re crap (3 Yamaha writers over 6 years - so I know what I’m talking about) and BlindWrite will never support them until Yamaha release RAW write firmware (never) the only drives BW will support are exactly the same ones CloneCD does.

Little late news don’t you think?? Took it from a other site:Added : 22-04-2000 [ Gé‚Lé‚XÂ¥Mé‚N ]
Well it looks like BLINDREAD ( or should I say BLINDWRITE!!!) didn’t fall asleep .Within 1 month they will release BLINDWRITE with all the futures CloneCD has and even allot more .When you read it at there site it
also looks like that when you are copying PSX games there will be no more use off a MODCHIP !!! Can it be ???
This is the info on there site :
Emails about it are Increasing rapidly. So here’s the current news. We have now our first workable version of the writing engine. The interface is not yet done - that is our current task.
Save time : Don’t ask a copy of the Alpha release, a public release will come on time, don’t expect it before 1 month.We’re doing everything to make BlindWrite worth the wait. Will it be ? You’ll see in the next month.
That’s all folks, for now…
Yeah now am curios to :slight_smile: Visit the complete story here : Blindread

Or did i miss a point

Lets see if BlindWRITE will have the $69 pricetag that CloneCD does… That alone will have us using BlindWRITE over CloneCD…

Need serial for Blindwrite 1.0 Oli help me please

What in the world would make any one say that The YAMAHA drives was or is the best. They HAVE NOT and WILL never be a reliable drive. Aside from all sorts of wired SCSI problems, Why the heck a drive would fully support RAW read when it CAN NOT and HAVE NOT and WILL NOT be able to do a damn thing with it. Have you ever tried to flash the firmware for a YAMAHA unit, if you are lucky you would not go insane!!!
Have you ever tried it with a Plextor, 25 seconds ! that is what it took, and all in Windows enviroment as simple as a click, and you honestly can say the YAMAHA drives are the best. I am so glad that I finally came to my senses and got rid of my BEST DRIVE only to get THE EXCELLENT DRIVE instead !!!

I am the owner of a Plextor Ultraplex40 and a Yamaha 4416 both SCSI units. Both are very easy to flash and run. The Yamaha drives may not be able to write RAW (theycan read it, while my plextor can’t), but it has proven me to be very reliable. So keep to the facts and don’t start spreading rumors around. Regards.

fair enough Capitaine,
you want facts and facts you should get.
I have also used to own not one but two yamaha units CRW 4420 and CRW 4416 which I am hoping that you are familiar with. Correct me if I am wrong when flashing the YAMAHA unit don’t you have to make a DOS boot disk with The SCSI card utilities manager parameter, don’t you have to specify the SCSI address and number of devices, make sure them SCSI utility dives are handy or else! don’t YAMAHA specifically forbids flashing under Windows? how many times have you got their windows flasing utility working if at all? I don’t know about any body else but I much prefer to flash the FW in less than 20 seconds while I am in windows than to piss around with DOS commands.
You talk about reliability, how about the burner disappearing erratically when ever it feels like it in the device manager with no apparent reason even with the SCSI card in place and other SCSI devices working and I suppose when it happens in three completely different units with different main boards and with both CRW 4420 and CRW 4416 its all pure coincidence! They are reliable alright! while recording even with everything end-tasked in the background all sorts of SCSI errors pops out I wish I had a printed log of all the crazy errors it come up with. I have a coaster collection a mile high courtesy of YAMAHA, amazing buffer capacity? That is with systems with PII 400 processor and in excess of 500MB RAM with the HDD of 7200RPM
How about initialization time for yamaha drives, lightining fast isn’t it? I almost forgot the YAMAHA support is quite exceptional in its own way too !!! jerking me around for six and half months back and forth and their refusal to replace the faulty unit, was quite admirable! not until the Yamaha R&D team confirm the unit is irrepairable I was told. I am sorry if this is not what you want to hear but let me assure you friend that I have much better use for my time than sit here and as you very eloquently put it SPREAD RUMORS!!!