BlindRead isn't very good



I got blindread 3.x in hopes that i could read a copyprot disc and burn it with cdrwin, although after i burned the disc, it wouldn’t read back in any of my 5 cdrom drives. i used cdr diagnostic to compare the original and the copy and they weren’t the same. the volume label was right, but there were no files on the disc. anyone got any ideas?


I got the same problem
I made an image file with blindread and burned it back to a cdr.
The disc size is correct but the only thing that’s on the disc is a file named “usa”???
that I can not open


Same here
I copied a game (protected by a friend of mine) and it says it found “protected files” but when I burnt it back to cd, the cd still won’t play
Does somebody know a better program?


If you produce empty discs with CDRWin, you probably entered invalid registration info, because it’ll except every registration, and burn, but the burned discs will be empty if the info was invalid…


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I do’nt think so, becaus if I make an image file with cdrwin it workes, but when I make an image file with blindread it doesn’t work.
I think I will try to burn the image files with nero and see wath that gives


I don’t think that it can be that I have a bad serial number, because I tried with both the core keygen and the millennium keygen and the same problem for both. Any more ideas? If Cdrwin burned good discs, it would be almost like clonecd when using a combination of blindread and cdrwin.


I had the same problem and I think that cdrwin is the one causing the problem.
Blindread does make good images, but it’s better to burn them using fireburner.