Blindread and Yamaha CRW-F1


If i turn alternativ read mode on with F1 as reader and any CD in it, it reads and reads but nothing happens… all i can do is to press alt+crtl+entf and close Blindread…
If i turn it off and try to create an image of a Safedisc (didnt try any other protection yet) protected CD it doesnt find any errors… it reads it as there would be no protection on it…
I dont have such problems with my LG DVD-ROM 8160B… it works just fine but it´s very slow by reading bad sectors… (but thats not a Blindread problem… it takes the same time with CloneCD for example also)

I´m using Blindsuite and i have no further idea how to solve this problem… so i count on you… :slight_smile:

i tried and older version of Blindwrite suite… same problem… does anyone else use a Yamaha F1 and BR with this problems or does it work fine for you?? :confused:

Yeah, it works fine for me. SD and Bw i get good results. whats the FW of your yammi ?

i tried it with 1.0d and 1.0f

are you able to turn alternative read mode on?

well little off topic …

but for my 48x and 52x liteons when i turn Alt read mode On it says its Unsupported and thats goes for both burners…

its probly used to scip errors faster for older burners there for

most modern burners these days USE HARDWARE… wich is a bit slower but it probly duz not work if your burner is hardware dependent on errors…

something like that i think there for its probly the same for the F1 to… :confused:

Some info from about the Alt Read

Use the alternative read method:
Some CD’s may contain lots of sectors with uncorrectable C2 errors.
In theory, these sectors can’t be read, in fact, a CD reader may read it, but at the cost of a huge slowdown. With alternative read method the extraction speed is not affected by this kind of sectors.
So, a CD that takes several hours to read with safe method may only need 10 minutes to read in alternative read.

There are 2 problems with alternative read.


All the error correction is disabled, so no difference can be made between wanted and unwanted errors. A CD reader which is VERY GOOD at fast audio extraction should be ok for alternative read.
Plextor units are the safest for alternative read.

Alternative read is not supported on all CD units. In that case, you’ll see “Alt. read ISN’T supported” displayed, like in the snapshot above.

Messages returned by the application:

  • “Alt. read ISN’T supported”: Your unit doesn’t support this read mode.
  • “Alt. read IS supported”: Your unit supports this read method, but use it with precaution. We don’t guarantee that the image obtained using this mode will be identical to the CD.

hmm… ok… but BR does not say its unsupported for me… it reads and reads the disc but nothing happens… but it says the writer is able to read the subchannels… so this works. :wink:

and it doesnt find any errors on SD protected disc if read a disc to an image using Blindread (tested with Max Payne, The Sims) as i already said, it reads it like an unprotected disc… i tried it with CCD… it works, its able to detect bad sectors and so on… but i want to use the Blindsuite :bigsmile:
i tried the old Bleem disc (there are some rings on the disc) and the Yamaha find errors using Blindread…

Originally posted by FiReKiLL
[B]i tried it with 1.0d and 1.0f

are you able to turn alternative read mode on? [/B]

no. no way:confused:

does BR tell you that the mode istn supported by the Writer? or does it just dont stop praseing the media like it does for me?

I tried all my drives… Yamaha F1, Sony CRX1611, LG DVD 8160B, Artec GHI-D40… and no one supports this alternative read mode… but for every drive BR will show up the message that its not supported… but not for my F1.