Blind Write Ring-Profile

Does anyone knows where i can find the ring-profile for blind write?
I want to capy a DVD with this kind of lock and i need this profile to do that!


Ring Profile? There are a couple of protections that use rings. Ring Protech being the main and most used one at the moment.

I am not sure if RingProtech is ever used to protect DVDs.
What exactly are you trying to copy and why do you think it uses “Ring” protection?


Here is the article about the new DVD Copy Protections

***Sony has a new copy protection called dynamic encryption … as soon as it was released (currently it appears, only in Germany at the moment), the new system was defeated …

There are accually two systems (one not by sony) , the second system has to do with “ring protection” and the Sonysstem is called ArcCOS …

you can read about the Sony system here (only on dvd5) (not very much to read)

as for defeating this system and the ring system …

BlindWrite with Ring-Profile (for ring system protection)
and DVD-Decrypter for the Sony system:

If you use DVD-Decrypter you have to rip without the first 3 cells of the movie, then use ifoedit or dvdlab and rebuild the dvd … ***

Hmmm… i haven’t seen these new kind of DVDs yet, but i suppose the automatic profile will do just fine.