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A very good compatility list for Blind Write can be found on Brennmeister.

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I’ve got a Mitsumi CR-4801 TE and a HP 7200i, wich aren’t in the list! Must I asume that they’re NOT supported or not tested?!


And again, my HP4020i is not supported. I’ve had this one since the very beginning there were CD Recorders.

Final Solution for CloneCD on from AMD K6-2!

This dvd burner is the become as of today --> late 2007 2008 a big piece of S H I T. It almost doesnt support eny DVD+R media out there. and then whats the use… I have contacted plextor and they have told me it’s not going to publish eny more updates for it. When i asked about the issue of media the gye i talked to answered: bye a newer burner, or simply bye whatever media still works. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: