Blind Read Users ...Please Help?



I have just used Blind Read to read the contents of the second CD of Final Fantasy VIII. I now have two files - an .ISO and a .CUE. I was wondering what do I do now to burn these onto a CD. I dont think I just burn the two files onto the CD this, this seems wrong.

Thanks Guys…any help would be greatly appreciated.


Well what i did was copy the.Iso file with Nero and you have to make sure you entered the cd label correctly cause its case sensitive.

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Now you have to use Fireburner or CdrWin… Both accept the cuesheet (.CUE) of the image (.BIN)… Fireburner is better, I think…

If you don’t have it, try at

Good backup…



you must go to cdrwin and look in de menu for
the first button (upleft) click on it and then click on loadcuesheet and look for the cue file

burn baby burn!!!

for adding wav files you must click on load tracks and add some wav files