Blind Read Users ...Please Help?



I have just used Blind Read to read the contents of the second CD of Final Fantasy VIII. I now have two files - an .ISO and a .CUE. I was wondering what do I do now to burn these onto a CD. I dont think I just burn the two files onto the CD this, this seems wrong.

Thanks Guys…any help would be greatly appreciated.


here’s what you do. goto and download fireburner. then, goto and do a search for “fireburner”. it will come up with a list of sites that have the serial for fireburner. now, enter the serial to get registered (you don’t have to get the serial if you dont want to) then restart windows. when you come back, find the .CUE file and double-click it to open it in fireburner. then right-click the screen that comes up and select ‘burn/test burn’ and burn it! thats all ya do. sounds like a lot, but it isn’t. if you have ANY more question, email me:


Download Fireburner from Install it and then double click on the file with the .CUE extension. A window will open to Fireburner showing information about the ISO file you created with Blindread, do a right mouse click and options will appear. Choose to burn the CD and that’s it… Good luck…