Blend of Internet and TV to continue in 2009

I just posted the article Blend of Internet and TV to continue in 2009.

Ready or not, the new TV you purchase may have the ability to use widgets and stream content directly into the living room.
As part of its "From Boob Tube to YouTube: Consumers and…

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VoD services will succeed if they are on an all-you-can-watch setup for a monthly fee. I’m still not sure about widgets though, I think they will most likely just be a fad, if they ever get that kind of success at all. I don’t seem them succeeding at all because there is no set standard for widgets. I know some TVs will have Yahoo widgets. Some others may have some other type of widget. Imagine what happens when Yahoo widgets have exclusive access to a show, but your TV only has Google widgets. This is why I see them failing.