anyone knows about the protections of Bleemcast? seems to be impossible to make a copy of Bleemcast with commercial software.


the old Bleem! for PC was protected with laserlock… but Bleemcast isnt a CD… I´m sure that it is on a GD (Gigadisc) . all Dreamcast Games are on GDs… it´s not possible to read this kind of disc with a normal CD/DVD-Rom/Writer… because its written from out to inside…

i own an original MGS Bleemcast disc and IT’S A CD with some protections that can’t read any software. It’s NOT a gd, only a cd Bleem made that works like the utopia disc or those copies made with the echelon selfboot.
Has some protections like sectors not recorded or a modifyied ISO9660 structure.

more info i have read:

audio sectors: 0 - 301
data sectors: 11701 - 70071 in Mode 2


where did you get the idea that the cd’s are written from the outside in? Thats certainly not the case as anyone can go to google and find out otherwise. Did a lot of reading on the subject last night as a matter of fact. The GDs are written at a higher density than cds. Much like dvds are, except the gd’s are in between cd’s and dvd’s.

the dreamcast console’s gdrom it’s also a cdrom & i repeat Bleemcast it’s a CD not a gd(also there are more commercial apps recorded on cd’s like the gameshark cdx or the action replay)

Seems bleem made an uncrackeable protection probably for being a kickass emu running without frameskip & at better resolution than the original psx(many sites still speak about the best psx emulator ever made, far better than the original bleem and the reason that the company was in trouble with Sony and the closing of bleem) One link:

here are some interesting sites too about emulators and software for the dreamcast that people is doing/porting from pc now the console is officially dead and that works using standar cd-r’s:

gdrom copies are easy to make using the console as a reader and a serial adapter to a pc or a broadband. Then its easy to patch it and fit on a cd-r. Problem of Bleemcast, it’s that seems to be impossible to read the cd with any commercial software for the strong protections it has.

(sorry for my english & thank you for your patience, i’m not a native speaker)

Originally posted by FiReKiLL
the old Bleem! for PC was protected with laserlock…

Old Bleem is not protected with Laserlock. It uses uncovencional protection made by the author of Bleem himself.