Bleemcast: PSX-emu for Dreamcast is out

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BLEEMCAST ; the PSX emulator for DC has been RELEASED!]

This great new emulator plays all PSX titles right now at full speed on…

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Reminds me of the good old “Super Game-boy”, that SNES gameboy emulator. Boy I loved that time

I love it! Does anyone know of an emulator that would allow you to play SNES or NES games on the playstation??!! That would KICK! I have one that you can play 101 Sega Games on the playstation!

This news is completely false. Bleemcast will first be released in the USA. It will not be sold as one product, but several separate packs. Unless this is a hacked, leaked beta version (which is highly unlikely) there is no truth to it.

By the way, Bleem does not use any code from the Playstation BIOS.

HAHA sounds very nice for Dreamcast users … in fact u only havte to buy 1 Console. =)

i agree with bladegash, the reason sony couldn’t put an injunction against bleem while the case is pending(like they did with connectix) was because, unlike the connectix psx emulator, bleem doesn’t use the bios at all. the author reverse engineered each game. that’s why it won’t play every single psx game out there, just the ones that use the commands he’s figured out.

This is most likely a hoax. The creators of “Bleem!” are American so why would they first publish it in Japan ?Besides , look at the the official site of BLEEM! , than you’ll notice that it isn’t relaesed yet !

you know, this is all nice and well, but has anyone else noticed that 0 progress has been done with Bleem! for the PC since last November? I wonder if that’s why the forum is down on their website…

Great stuff for dreamcast users unfortunately I don’t possess one! Still go for the PC all the WAY! :slight_smile:

Doesn’t the Dreamcast controller have fewer buttons than the PSX? How is it meant to emulate the PSX controller?

Another question, why are these greedy people releasing them in “paks” instead of all at once like on the PC? Sounds like a greedy way to make a buck. And the price is not that much cheaper either.

How about bug fixes? Face it, the PC version of Bleem sucked, and each new version released made it even worse. The sound is still terrible, the graphics are still glitchy. How will bugs and improvements be made on a DC?

The reason the PC verion sucked is that not everyone has the same PC. The creators of bleem had to take into account that the emulator is runned on a reasonably powerful system.

The dreamcast however is ONE system which has no varying configuration, it has no different processors (as the pc has Intel, AMD and Cyrix to name a few). The Sega Dreamcast system is a Ready-Built system. It needs no upgrades, and that is why it’s IDEAL to make an emulator for a system like this. The games will run in the same speed on every Dreamcast (not taking in account of the little PAL/NTSC difference).

It may however be possible that there might still be some GFX glitches, but then again, I can’t say that the PSX never had any glitches. Even some dreamcast games have glitches (SoulCalibur: Museum, Profiles, Sophitia [second outfit]).

I’m sure Bleem for DC might show some glitches, either in GFX or gameplay, but if you can play hundreds of other games on your dreamcast, for just a couple of bucks, isn’t it worth it?

Does anyone know of an emulator that would allow you to play SNES or NES games on the playstation

I have one with 70 NES games !

ok, two comments/questions…1. deth, I kinda LIKE the PC version…, and 2. I can’t seem to find any database updates on the website…you know how they used to have little files you stuck in your bleem! directory to help it identify the discs you put in? I can’t find a single damn update!(and this isn’t a gripe about 1.5c or 1.6 coming out, either!!)

The truth is, Deth, Bleem PC sucks for more than just glitches. It was also slow, ridiculous (window kept resizing even in full screen mode, res kept changing, etc…), memory cards didn’t bother working, it crashed, movies skipped, CD-ROMs had problems reading, you couldn’t swap discs for some multi disc games, and basically Bleem was just a sad excuse for a commercial product. Oh I forgot to mention that many people experienced these issues on very high spec machines, not just crap ones. And then Bleem refuses to admit it’s their program, and instead blames it on 3dfx, or tells you to update all your drivers (even though they already were) or even DirectX.

Have you tried playing a 2D game in D3D mode?

Now what I’m saying is, even though it will fare better on a DC, “issues” will be inevitable, and how will they be fixed?

Second question is, can the DC read backup PSX discs? If not, forget it. There’s no way I’m going to buy PSX games to play on Dreamcast when I can buy and play Dreamcast games instead.

The problem with the backup PSX discs isn’t a problem at all. You can use them for the simple reason that sony has patented their copy protection. Therefore bleem simply CAN’T check for copy protected discs, because the law won’t allow them to. If they would insert this function, it would be a violation of law. So … there you have it …

at least … that is what most on-line magazines claim …

let’s see this plan in action …


I am gonna buy a Dreamcast!!!
And I’m gonna try bleem as well…cuz it sounds good to me!