BLEEM! sayz: Insert your bleem! Key CD?



I download the new version of bleem! from
the CD-FreakZ site (ofcourse!) and when
I run the program and insert a Playstation game it sayz " Please insert your bleem! Key CD and try again. And It doesn’t work!



the bleem key cd is sort of a “copyprotection” thingie

you need it in order to use bleem!
ofcourse there are cracks for the program but bleem 1.5 is to new! so you’ll have to wait a little while for the crack to see the light

i have the key cd but it’s still not good enough to really play games with it i think.

i wonder what other people think about bleem! ?
i think it suxxx big time and it’s no way near as good as UltraHle.
but that’s just my opinion



Does anybody know where I can download a BLEEM! version withOUT copyright shit!
With a crack!



check the console chat

i’ve put a link to a working bleem with crack



I think Bleem! roxx… And it can’t be compared with UltraHLE since UltraHLE is a N64 emu…

Ok, a lot (say: most) games don’t run perfect, but try DinoCrisis with 3D acceleration and your eyes will pop out of your head…

*** You were kicked from #RedLand by MaStEr (MaStEr)…


i know uhle is a n64 emu
but i meant the games look much beter than the bleem games (it looks better on the psx itself, but Uhle looks better than the n64 itself)

is this english? i don’t know?


even tho bleem is VERY lacking you gotta give them some props for fightin’ for the public and stickin’ it in sony’s very bloated arse!


ok i’ll give ém that but i still don’t enjoy a game played with bleem sorry, but super mario on the UltraHle roxxx