Bleem key-CD copieren



I bought Bleem and I’m trying to back it up.
I know the problems with this CD so I found some copy instuctions.

I’m trying to make it with CDRWIN.
Copying the sectors from the original BleemCD gives a lot of errors but it continues anyway. But it takes a very very long time to backup the sectors.

Or am I doing something wrong??

Did anyone backup the bleem-CD allready???



Well, first of all, you need a very good reader to copy the Bleem! Key-CD…

If you don’t have a good reader it will take forever, and will probably drop out somewhere while reading…

I used a Creative 5X DVD-player as reader and a Philips CDD3610 to write it, using CDRWin.

Ok, then you also must have a writer wich is capable of writing 4 sec tracks, and probably some writers aren’t able to write data - audio - data, so I guess it must be able to do that as well…

If you can’t read the cd yourelf, try to get a image (of course only usefull if your writer can write it)…


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