Bleem! backup with BlindRead #2

I just posted the article Bleem! backup with BlindRead #2.

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bleem! backup with BlindRead #2

I have had a very mixed reaction from Mitsumi CR-4804TE owners, some state that they can and some cant backup the bleem! Key cd…

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Ah well, you can buy those things toback it up, or just use your regular DVD Player a Philips CDD3610 and CDRWin…

And DAO aka RAW? My discwriter kan write DAO but not RAW, how can it be the same ?!?

Ah well, you can buy those things toback it up, or just use your regular DVD Player a Philips CDD3610 and CDRWin…

And DAO aka RAW? My discwriter kan write DAO but not RAW, how can it be the same ?!?

Sorry 'bout the double post…

Well, I can use DAO and RAW using Fireburner. Using Mitsumi 4804TE. CDRWin Info follows…

With CDRWin 3.8 under cue-sheet the ‘RAW’ checkbox is grayed out but ticked.Whether this means my 4804TE is supported or not i dont know. The CDRWin helpfile says it only supports a small number of burners 2 do ‘RAW’ burning.

ooops !
Firmware version 2.6 C. Will get a bleem key CD later today to play around with.

And what about clonecd can that do the job??

Yes CloneCD will do a Bleem! backup but beware the reading time on my Plextor was around 28 hours!!

Kosh :slight_smile:
I preciate your involment as i dont have a Mitsumi burner, anyway can you please provide me with exactly what happend.

Mystic :slight_smile:
Your writer may support SAO (Send Cue Sheet) it is not the same as DAO (RAW). DAO is also known as RAW mode.

How can DAO be equal with RAW?
I mean, RAW is supposed to mean writing errors uncorrected…

DAO is writing a Disk At Once in RAW while SAO is also the same but does not write in RAW mode. SAO is some times refered as Disk At Once but it is not the real DAO which writes in RAW. I had a SONY CRX-120 it says supports DAO but it was really SAO. If you dont believe me check out:

Bad news…
Blindread can’t rip the Bleem Key Cd using a mitsumi 4804TE Burner, but works great with a normal dvd/cd drive.
Here’e what happens when trying to rip The Bleem Key CD with a Mitsumi 4803TE…
First of all BlindRead claims that this drive cannot extract audio (duh !) then when starting 2 extract BR sets the sector size to 2352 / 0x00 ( i have never seen this before) then after a while BR starts 2 rip track one and when done it drops to extraction failed screen.
I don’t understand this behavior because my other dvd/cd drives can rip the Bleem cd using blindread
Next up i used clonecd with my mitsumi and the bleem cd and i worked just great so there must be some bugs in blindread concerning the mitsumi and audio tracks which is not really audio tracks.This is despite the fact that The creator of Blindread has tested and approved Mitsumi 4803TE 2 b used with Blindread.

were you able to burn the bleem! Key CD dump, this is the main part where people fail as it is impossible with the hardware they own. I used my Hitach GD-2500 DVD drive and it work just fine with BlindRead, it’s probably a bug in BR like you say.

Anyway everyone I’ve orderd a Mitsumi CR-4804TE so you can expect a review and my experience of it in a couple of days. Also I’ll update my site with a dedicated area to backing up bleem! once I get some spare time.

By the way Kosh how long did it take for you to rip the bleem! Key CD using CloneCD using the Mitsumi CR-4804TE. And does it support fast error skipping.

Using CDRWin it takes forever but i don’t know exactly how long because i uses sector ripping ( then i can divide the ripping process into many small processes so i don’t have 2 block my computer for long periods of time). Using CloneCD Takes +15 Hours.( I would like 2 see the Blindread feature built into cloneCD…the one that just continues at the current file position)
Whether the 4804TE supports fast error skipping or not i don’t know because i can see little difference or no difference at all when it is enabled or not.
Regarding BlindRead i just ripped Star Trek Armada and it also forced the extraction engine into 2352/0x00(raw) mode but this time the rip worked just great.

Yes…i was able 2 burn the Bleem cd using CloneCD and also using CDRWin.

Yes Kosh that would be great if the BlindRead ripping engine was built in to CloneCD, Fear not as it’s only about a month left until BlindWrite is susposed to be released (by the same BlindRead team).

Thanks very much Kosh for the input you have provided.

-==- Can you the author if reading this license the BlindRead extracting engine in to CloneCD or persuade the BlindRead team to allow an option to save a dump in the format used by CloneCD. If this is implemented I’m sure CloneCD would be the ultimate cd duplication software.

Need updated driver for a Super Allwrite External DVD Writer, mdl#DX-20A3H. :g