Bleem and grand turismo 2



Anybody managed to run grand turismo 2
with playstation? I just get a black screen
with 1.5b and the cars appear as blue
objects with bleem 1.4. I am using a voodoo3
2k card with the latest drivers


bleem SUCKS BIG time and everytime
There are 5 games that work on Bleem
Yes only 5 and the graphics are lower then they from the psx!!! (with my DDR geforce)


You better buy a psx, the quality goes lost sometimes, with emulators, this one also.


Gran Turismo2 will not fuction correctly until Bleem V1.6. How can you say only 5 games work? Have you only got 5 games or the attention span of a goldfish to attempt to configure Bleem. Almost all of my PSX collection (nearly 300 titles) run under Bleem and most (not all) look absolutely SUPERB. Best part is having a PSX Dual Shock pad connected to the USB port so everything feels right. God I hate playing PSX games on my PSX now, they look so crap.


I tryed the same! black screen and thats it.
the best thing is to buy a PSX (i have too an V3 3000 AGP) and it sux when it comes to emulation…


i agree bleem makes psx games look really good…i sold me psx cos after running the games on me pc,they looked totally crap on the psx…