Bleem 1.4



I can’t seem to get the crack to work with bleem 1.4 it keeps saying insert your cdkey!
What am I doing wrong?!

I extracted the crack in the bleem1.4 directory and then run the crack and the run bleem! still asks for the cd key! what do I do?!

Can someone give me step by step instructions PLEASE!!! Dion


first of all you have to put a cd in you cdrom drive (with the game or whatever)

next you have to make the"link"(snelkoppeling don’t know the englisch word )

c:\bleem14\zf14crk1.exe bleem14.exe

and than it will work


I think I have done everthing corretly…I made a directory called Bleem14 and unzipped both the bleem and the crack in the directory and then goto the run button and type: c:\bleem14\zf14crk1.exe bleem14.exe
an hit enter…it shows it running the crack then it just FREEZES my computer…the only way to get it back up and running is to Hardreboot (restart button)…now what am I doing wrong!!! Please help I know I almost got it to work! but missing something!!! Thanks in Advance Dion


what kinda processor have you got?
the crack i have (and i think you too) is for an intel but you have to have a different one for the AMD chip!
i think that’s the problem.


I have an INTEL chip!!!

It is an Celeron 466mhz/ 96 megs of ram/ and a TnT video card!!! so what else can it be!!!


to be honest (just this ones )
i have no idea then!

maybe you must cyhange you display settings in bleem or something (you have directx 6.1 don’t ya? çause you need it)

and the latest drivers for your vid/sound cart?

if you haven’t get them and try again?


I have all the latest drivers installed…includng directx 7 and it is doing the same! Please someone help me! And I want to PUBLICLY Thank Jimmie for all your help!
ICQ# 12290735

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stop it you’re making be blush

but i’m sorry i couldn’t help ya


If it freezes the PC, then you have a driver problem somewhere. Try anything from unloading all programs before running it, or you can also try making windows boot without any drivers loaded at all, by editing an ini file (and replace the ‘shell=explorer.exe’ to ‘shell=bleem.exe’ <-- change this to whatever command line you use to start the zf crack) after backing up the file (system.ini or something…I am not sure which, either system or win.ini)…this will make bleem load without any other windows drivers when you reboot; when done change it back or use the backup ini file you made…
Also try changing display resolutions, color depth, disabling your soundcard, etc. You are on your own here…its your system and if something works on one system and not on another, its always a hardware issue.


Not sure what the problem could be, but I read somewhere about problems that DirectX 7.0 is giving people. I can’t quite remember why/what it was, but something bad. Sorry that’s maybe not too helpful, but I definately think that DirectX has some serious bugs in it.


REMEMBER BLEEM 1.4 CRACK Does not work on W95
ZF has a w98 release of C++ and it crash on w95!



What is this? Is there an crack for AMD cpu’s? I have an AMD and I have Bleem 1.4 but only an Intel crack and no AMD crack! Where can I get that crack you’re talking about?


The ZF crack worked perfectly for me, on Win95 OSR2 …


I had the same problem. To solve it just go to!.htm and download Bleem1.4! zf/zeta Installer. This will actually install bleem and set up the short cut for you. I couldn’t get it to work when I was trying to make the shortcut myself but when the installer made the shortcut bleem began to work