Blaupunkt unleashes versatile DVD player



I just posted the article Blaupunkt unleashes versatile DVD player.

Be the first on your block to install the new second generation, DVD-ME2 stand-alone DVD player in your car. Touting a simple and easy integration with nearly any car audio/video…

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What it doesn’t say, which is a problem on most dvd players that will play mp3s, is does it read mp3s off of a DVD or just CD-R/Ws? If it can do that I would install it in a minute.


same here…:g


Del_Usion that was a very good question. So I went ahead and contacted Blauplunkt immediately after seeing these responses. To my amazement they said they did’nt know! But then they indicated that they were going to find out and would call back. Which they did. They say that the unit WILL play back MP3 on DVD-r no problem! Thanks for the question!!! :slight_smile:


Sounds like Blaupunkt has some good customer support. At least, they do when they’re trying to sell you something.
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