Blaupunkt TRAVELPILOT E1 Benelux and Major Roads EU



How to get a working backup of this cd-rom

I scanned it on protections with A-ray, Clony XXL but they didn’t find any protection in it + I also read the copy protection lists without any result. Then I ripped it to *ISO and i burned the iso with Clone CD on low speed (2x) in Raw Soa mode. But it’s not working on my navigation system …

Can somebody slove my problem ?

Title: TRAVELPILOT E1 Produkt-Master
Project-Number: 7612171003-7612182003
Project-Name: TRAVELPILOT E1 Produkt-Master Benelux / plus Major Roads W-Europe / NAV-Server: NEK2.0 v54 / NAV-Daten: CCP: BNL ; MRP: AUT DEU FRA GBR IBE ITA SCA Version ‘v9’

Worm: cd2-BNL+MRE_2003_EX v2

Online-Software: nek20 v54



DNL: AUTEA_01_1.0/v1 BELE6_01-1.20/v1 CHEE4_09-3.1/v1 DEUED_01-02.05/v1 DNKE9_09/v1 ESPEE_17.v6/v4 FRAEF_32-3/v1 ITAE5_01-1.0/v1 NLDE8_17-2001A/v1 SWEEE_33-1.2001/v2

Date: 16.12.03 (16)

Compose-Tool: SCCS-TestVers - Stand: 16.12.03 16:52
Image-Tool: SCCS-TestVers - Stand: 16.12.03 16:53

Writer; NEC ND2500
OS; Win XP Pro SP2


If it has Copy protection on it, .ISO format is no good. It would probably have Blaupunkt’s own form of protection on it, so Aray wouldnt detect it and forget clony xxl. You could try Alcohols ‘general protected CD’ datatype. Even try Nero to do a straight up copy, if Nero comes up with ‘error’ you’ll know it does have protection on it. The biggest problem is Blaupunkt probably have hardware protection, in that your GPS unit can tell a genuine from a CD-R/RW.


Hi everyone!
Anyone found out what this copy protection is based on a/o how to bypass it?



Im having the same problems as the original poster.Using the blaupunkt telemaps benelux +major EU 2005/2006. Have tried clone cd, Nero 6, Alcohol 120% 1.9.5 (with various settings). The satnav system does not accept my backup cdrom.
(Edit: A-ray, clonyXXL and copydiscovery do not find anything either)
Please advise.

Win XP pro +SP 2
NEC 3520 cd/dvd writer



I did an analysis of Blaupunkt E map. Results are very interesting.
Just check subchannel data and physical structure and you will know that it’s impossible to copy with clonecd, alcohol or nero.

DPM in alcohol won’t help us because navi reader can’t support RMPS emulation.

Protection is a little bit similar to Tages, and I guess that making copy without image modifications is impossible. :smiley:

regards, Ghost_mode


I have the same problem. I would like to make a backup of my Blaupunkt E series Nav CD. I have tried to dump any twin sectors using twindump, but it couldn’t find anything. What tool did you use to check subchannel data and physical structure, and what exactly makes you believe that this is a Tages-like protection?


Will you try to burn like a Blaupunkt travelpilot DX? This cd have safedisc 2/3 protection. You burn this cd’s with alcohol or clone cd the result can be good. Always in media that the surface are very dark and the navy thinks that the cd are good. In the blaupunkt travelpilot DX CD work perfect.

The dvd maps of blaupunkt is IMPOSSIBLE.


This is not the DX series CD, which I know has a Safedisc protection, this is the E series CD, which is completely different. I have tried Clone CD several times with several settings, but no one has reported good results on the E series yet.


Ok. Only I write a possible option to make a backup.


That would be great! :slight_smile:



Having the same problem here with my blaupunkt E-series disc.
Anybody who’s got the answer? :slight_smile:



I need a backup of my DX 2005/06 map. But the problem is to find the right burner that works. Alot of the burners that are mentioned here are not possible to get anymore. :frowning:

Any help from guys who have done this with new burners ?


Does anybody know what kind of copy-protection the E-series CDROM’s have?


Hi ! Anybody any update on this ? :bow:


If it has the same protection as the german “Teleatlas major roads of europe E” for the VW RNS300 navigation system it won´t be easy to get copies of it.

I´ve scanned my original CD with Copy-Discovery 2000 and et voilá:
[B]Settec Alpha rom[/B] :eek:


On the website of copy-discovery 2000 they describe this detection as “beta”, therefore unreliable. From what I found on the web about this protection I don’t believe it is very likely that this protection is used on a NAV CD, since it is typically used to DRM-protect DVD’s on a PC (it autoinstalls a software component). However, I also found a note about the use of twin sectors with this protection type, which [I]could[/I] be used in this case.


Is there anyone who has a working copy of the Travelpilot E series yet? I have some knowledge about copy protections, but I’m not a pro…
So, is there any new way to copy it?


Is there a possibility that the drive just checks the booktype of the media? Has anyone tried to change the booktype to CD-ROM (that means that the drive recognizes it as an original media)? It is just an idea.


Hey people
Ive just got one of these units in a car Ive just bought,it does say in the manual that although the unit will play cd-r/rw you cannot make a back up copy of your nav cd as it will not work although they don`t say why.
The dealer I bought the car from says they will have to get me a new cd from Blaupunkt.


are there still guys having the same problem that a copy of Travelpilot E CD/ Teleatlas E CD is not working? I couldn’t find something how to make a copy of type E CDs so i collected as much as information as possible.
I have a Blaupunkt Travelpilot EX for Ford. I don’t think that the drive recognizes that the CD is a CD-R and not a CD-ROM. I cannot believe that Blaupunkt used a cd-drive which is able to read the ATIP like a cd-burner. I assume that the navi detect the copy by a DPM (Data Position Measurement). I don’t know how it works exactly but when i remember properly the drive make a lot of noise when it detects the “copy” and nothing happens. So it seems that the drive is measuring the transferrate at a fixed drive rpm or seeks between data position on the cd and measures the time.
After that speculation i made a drive speed measurement (Nero CD-DVD Speed) with my cd-burner and dvd-rom drive with the original CD and a copy of it. Both drives are of type CAV which means that the drive read with a constant rotation speed of the disc. The analysis of the measurements showed that the original CD provide a higher transferrate in comparision to the copy. The only logical explanation is that the orignal disk has a higher density which means that the pits and lands are shorter than the normal standard.
I have only a LiteOn burner :sad: but if there is someone who has a Plextor burner with GigaRec function please try to make a copy with higher density and try if you get a working copy. :bow:

best regards