Blaster worm virus

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[B]Just do as Ssseth said originally … do a full clean install (format, rather than reinstall over XP) and if your on broadband disconnect your modem from your pc until you have at least installed a firewall, not just enable windows firewall as blaster can get through that (alledgedly). Its also preferable to install SP1 too before reconnecting.

You should then be able to reconect your modem with no fear.

Thats how I’ve always done it anyway … [/B]

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croud cheers :iagree:

Ok in the Administrative Tools in Control Panel make sure RPC is set to take No action NOT restart my computer. Right i’m downloading the Windows Updates after that i’m going to download AVG 6 Free Edition from grisoft to search for a virus and then if none were found then i’m going to backup my system.

Oh i’m on dialup connection.

the patch is pretty important - without it, blaster will continue to reinfect your computer on reinstall, pretty quickly after you connect to the internet. as it says here -

W32.Blaster.Worm exploits the DCOM RPC vulnerability. This is described in Microsoft Security Bulletin MS03-026, and a patch is available there. You must download and install the patch. In many cases, you will need to do this before continuing with the removal instructions. If you are not able to remove the infection or prevent re-infection using the following instructions, first download and install the patch.

Yes, follow what the others have said. I got hit with it, did a complete reinstall (including a DOD wipe and a debug script) then I got it again within a few moments when the operating system connected to the internet before I installed my firewall.

What I did the second time was when the XP (or whatever) system asks if you want to connect to the internet, I hit the not-at-this-time offering. Then I install my firewall and anti-virus. If you don’t have a backup of a firewall or anti-virus the only thing I can think of, if you have XP, is to turn on the firewall that comes with the system. It’s a weaker version but it should help you.

Of course if you have already downloaded the blast removal tool you can use it then.

I just don’t llike going on the internet EVER without a firewall and anti-virus stuff. For example, I don’t know what’ s up but I am getting about 3-4 apparent viruses on my email. I don’t open attachments unless I know the sender. And these are all the brand-new variants. For me, each is 35K in size.

Hope this helps you.