This is my review on Canadian online store that sells a variety of blank media mostly and some computer hardware (burners, duplicators, printers, etc.)

I have been purchasing from them since 2004 after being told they were the best and that the service was good. Initially I was very satisfied with the speed - my e-mails would get answered very quickly, most of the time within the hour, and the latest within the same day. Prices being very competitive and fast shipping, I have placed many orders including large volume orders and have always received my products on time.

In terms of shipping, at first they shipped well and used enough of that shipping paper to protect the content - however, there would be a very strong smell of cigarette smoke, in every package I would receive - this alone concerned me as to how they store their stock and in what conditions. As years went by the problem seem to be better now however they do not use shipping paper now - but I have yet to receive anything damaged!

In terms of stock, they always carried items in stock and in sufficient quantity, and it is an excellent source to get genuine TY discs, including the hard to find +R and watershield, DL, etc.

Now it seems that all good things come to an end - it is a growing trend in the industry - start by offering good service and as years go by deteriorate. seems to suffer this fate. Despite expanding their stores, customer service has taken a huge dip the last years and more so starting 2007-2008 until now - e-mails get answered much less frequently, sometimes you do not get ANY replies to your e-mail especially when you raise certain concerns or issues or ask questions about pricing, matching, currency exchange, etc… In the bast both people running the company went out of their way to please their customers, with very friendly replies and courtesy - now when you deal with them you feel like you are “Bothering” them and asking big things of them. They disregard ALL form of feedback and customer comments - they closely monitor reviews and feedback on the site, only publishing those with good comments or comments that are not overly negative. While the speed of service has not changed and any sales questions get answered usually, any other legitimate questions goes ignored.


On their site they do claim they will match prices if you can provide them proof of anything less elsewhere.

I have raised this issue at the time our dollar was on par with the U.S. and their prices were unchanged - 3 e-mails were sent, NONE replied to and usually do DO reply to ALL e-mails. In all my e-mails I have been courteous and polite - and I have let that one go - I have later e-mailed concerning sales and immediately they replied.

There are other examples like this where I would get evasive answers or most of the time no replies at all.

Overall is a great place to buy from, with competitive prices and a variety of products, so long as you do not run into problems or require any customer support, as this has taken a huge dip in quality lately.

Now I notice on their site they have A LOT of items OUT OF STOCK, including most verbs and taiyo yuden, etc. Usually they restock ahead of time to avoid this - but lately items keep going out of stock very often, and a huge time before restocked. In some cases some items do not get restocked and no explanation is given by the guy, your e-mails going ignored when confronted about it, or simply responding they have not ordered and don’t know… one line response, not caring no concern at all about customer satisfaction.

I am now looking for a new supplier in CANADA that sell Taiyo Yuden DVD+R 16x white inkjet printable as they are out of stock at and they do not seem to want to renew stock for reasons I don’t know and after asking for the 4th consecutive time, have not gotten any response.

I would greatly appreciate it if someone can point me to a Canadian supplier that sell DVD+R TY White inkjet 16x. I do not want the -R but only +R. I am aware about CDDUPLICATION.CA, they too do not sell the +R, only in cartons of 600.

As to - I have no problems recommending it to anybody interested - providing the item is in stock and you never require assistance or run into problems - from my experience, the person running the company does NOT like being asked questions even if they are legit and related to the products being sold - if you do not require such assistance, by all means they are great to deal with, as far as my own personal opinion, I value customer service A LOT, for that I would give an average rating to Blankmedia. Here is my rating where 1 star is poor and 5 stars is top.

Web site & products: ****

While not the best web interface, it is very easy to navigate, not hard on the eyes, simple, and a wide variety of products well categorized in sections.

Speed of delivery: *****

This one gets top scores - All of my orders were processed the same day, and shipped on the same day, providing you order early in the morning, otherwise it is shipped next day, and you will receive within 2 business days or the next day if shipped the same day.

Quality Of Products: ***+

While all their TY are genuine and of great quality, they also sell other media including C class. They also sell CD and DVD cases, with very questionable quality, despite their claims of Pro Grade, the quality is inconsistent - They have reduced pricing to compensate for any damages during shipping, however, the quality is questionable (flimsey case and plastics) - Confronting them about any quality issues gets you a rude reply, they wash their hands on all claims on quality.

Customer service: **+

Average / mixed feelings. Used to be top notch at first, now they don’t seem to like making compromises, or dealing with negative although constructive criticism or any comments about the quality of some of their products.