, ritek g04, lg 4040b

Okay, so I’m one of the 92342398423 people that ran out and bought one of those ridiculously cheap LG GSW-4040Bs last year. Obviously not the best, but I haven’t had any problems with it until now, zero coasters/broken stuff etc.
I used to keep on top of current media quality and such for CDs, but was relatively clueless about DVD media when I got this, so I started off with a spindle of 25 whatever crappy rebranded AN32 media (which also works reasonably well), which is also not the point.
A month or two ago I ordered 50 white/print top Ritek G04 DVD-R blanks from, and these worked great for a while, used maybe 15 of them so far. Starting a few days ago, I’ve had an extremely hard time getting anything usable out of these; they’ll burn fine but Nero will choke on verifying basically everything in the last 5-20% of the disc (more or less random), and trying to copy/read the files back agrees with this. This happens at 2x or 4x, and I’ve made about… say, five coasters out of the last 7 G04 blanks. I tried using a blank from near the other end of the spindle out of curiosity, same result. From what I’ve seen this media typically works (relatively) very well in this burner. I just made a copy of the same data onto one of my old AN32 blanks, and it’s perfectly fine (as perfectly as this media can get anyways, like 15/1.5 avg PI/PO/8 blocks with kprobe on a liteon drive).
Anyways, my question is, anyone know of a convenient explanation for this? I’m assuming the media is simply bad, but again, that doesn’t seem that common with this combo of drive/media, the first dozen or so were fine, and keep in mind this media is repackaged from bulk packages of what, 600?
fwiw, using the latest useful firmware, a302 i believe.

and just for clarity - i’ve had no major software changes or anything between when i could burn the printable g04s properly and now, no drive/other hardware changes or anything. have a gig of ram, nothing resource-hungry running, both the g04s and the crappy an32 media are kept in a dry, dark, closed drawer and so on and so forth.

Wow, I’m glad to see I’m not the only person to have this problem! I ordered samples of the IJP G04’s from two weeks ago, and every single one showed severe problems. I have the Lite-On LDW-811S burner, HS0P firmware.

Nero could not even complete the burn on one of them. The other two failed the read verification. KProbe results and DVDInfoPro speed tests confirm this. The first third or so of the burn read fine, but then hundreds of hard errors start showing up, the number of PI errors skyrockets into the 1400’s, etc.

I talked to Tom at and he confirmed they did receive a bad batch in February, but he thought they had cleaned out all the bad spindles. Have you e-mailed a report to I think they would be interested to hear if this is more of a widespread problem.

OTOH, the Ritek Arita 4X DVD+R media burned at 8X actually test better than the Taiyo Yuden 4X DVD-R media!