Blank monitor

I have been having some of the strangest, at least for me, problems lately.

Here’s the present problem. I updated the motherboard in a desktop to an FM-A55M-E33 board. I installed W10 and everything was fine. I updated the computer to the latest version and now when the desktop is booted everything works fine until it boots past the BIOS screen then there is an “explosion” of color on the monitor and then the screen goes black.

I can connect the desktop to another monitor and everything works fine. I can connect the black screen to another desktop and everything works fine. But when I connect the black screen to the FM “desktop” after BIOS I get the “explosion” of color and the screen goes black. Any ideas.

I am a bit late, but ill just list some suggestions…

Assuming it’s a fault with Windows I would just get the Windows 10 1909 ISO, which was released recently, and try clean installing that and see what happens.

I am wondering whether the computer acts up before anything starts loading from the hard drive or not? ; because if it’s loading from the hard drive and then acts up it’s probably some corrupt Windows install but if it does not even get to the Windows loading part I wonder if some BIOS setting is corrupted.

but if it’s BIOS related… you could try clearing the BIOS settings which there is probably a jumper on the motherboard to clear the CMOS etc.