Blank Media?

What are some of the best brands of quality blank DVD media, and where can I reliably get them? Some of my burned DVDs are conking out after only a few uses, and I suspect that the media may be an issue. Also, is it OK to put labels on burned DVDs, or does that add to the unreliability? Thanks!


I typed this an hour ago in another thread. They are subjective claims, but they might be useful.

I’d go for Verbatim Single Layer DVD-R. Relatively easy to get and excellent quality.

Like sulacu said verbatim is good quality, but i prefer Taiyo Yuden, just have a look in the
blank media forum here.

Yes, it adds to the “unreliability” - actually it makes the disc more difficult to read. Better NOT use paper labels on DVDs. The are special plastic labels named “no wobble” or something like that, which don’t seem to create trouble.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

For media, Verbatim is one of the safest routes. But if you live in Europe, avoid the “Pearl White” Verbatims, they’re not of the same quality than their “standard” discs. :wink:

With verbatium, you want to make sure it has an mcc or mkm media id. Use dvd identifier to read the id off the disks. In the US at least, 16x verbatium are pretty much guarenteed to be mcc. With 8x, verbatium no longer manufactures 8x mcc media so other stuff has started showing up under the verbatium name. Most is still mcc, but I’m guessing as time passes, either it will become hard to find (that could take a long while though) or more will show up with other media codes.

Except for the “Pearl White” models, ALL Verbatim is MCC, MKM or TY. :wink: - all good choices. :cool:

I’m sure I read on here somewhere that some Verbs are Ritek G05.

I’m hoping my eyes were deceiving me! :eek:

NO WAI! :disagree:

There actually have been very limited amounts of verbatium that have shown up that was ritek (and I think another media code has shown up too). At first it was in europe but now it has been reported in the US too. Thats why the warning about the 8x. I’m guessing that it is because they no longer make 8x media but stil sell it, so they have had to go to other suppliers.

Ahh, thanks ripit - didn’t spot your warning up there (haven’t been awake long!) :slight_smile:


See ripit’s reply above :wink:

Sorry, but yes, in Europe “Pearl White” (new “budget” Verbatim family of discs) -R 8X are G05. :frowning:

Luckily, they are easy to identify, and all “standard” (non-“Pearl White”) Verbs are still MCC, TY or MKM.

I wish it were so easy in the US. It has been a while since we had the datalife, movie reel and other packaging and I’m not sure if I have ever seen the pearl white (of course I haven’t been buying verbatium for a really long time). For quite some time here, there has just been the one standard packageing for verbatim (no diffrent types). Unless I am mistaken, ritek has shown up here in that standard packaging so we take a risk. to the best of my knoledge, it is still almost always mcc though, so risks of getting crap ritek are still kind of low. I’m guessing that will change over time as they dont make 8x mcc anymore. Also, so far as I know, no 16x has shown up here that was not mcc.

Getting back to the original ? post , Ty yuden media for most burners usually is a sure bet … if in Canada ( east of the rockies ) check out

I’ve been told differently by several members fom the US… that there was nothing else than MCC and TY among the standard SL Verbs in the US…? :confused:

Just buy several different brands and do a test! The cheaper media is very drive/FW/speed specific! Sometimes a slower speed will work! Sometimes it won’t! LOL

I’m guessing it is still rare. I personally have not ever gotten anything but mcc and can only remember one person posting here that personally got ritek and told where he got it and such (I think it was office max). There are just rumors going around about it and only a couple of confermations. Based on the small number of people on this forum or others that have actually got ritek in the US I think there is not much here yet and your odds are very high of getting mcc/mkm. My main reason for bringing it up is I would hate to recomend verbatim to a newbie, have him get ritek, and have him not trust verbatim or the advice on these forums because of it.

Good point :slight_smile:

Have a look here :
I think it’s a pretty good guide to start with.

i use titanium.

with over a 1000 burns without any probs. good value as well

there are some with cheaper delivery but ive tried the likes of UKDVDR but the delivery services not up too scratch.


I don’t think so :disagree: - when you find Ridisc Xtreme or/and Optodisc and/or Benq in a “recommended” list, it’s time to seriously question the value of the whole article. :rolleyes:

IMO the guys there are far too tolerant with disc manufacturers and quality in general, and their blank media tests never impressed me. My 2 cents.

Even if I don’t concur with all of Lordsmurf’s opinions about blank media (recent CMC being an example), I think this one is a better place to start: :wink: