Blank Media Uk

Hello all,
I want to buy some DVD media - I have currently one new sony DW-G120A (liteon 165P6S) and a phillips DVD16LS dvdr drive.

1.Can anybody recommend some cheap places to buy media (recommended eg TY Ricoh R03 MCC etc.) and more Importantly anydeals or promotions that are going on here in the UK.

I don’t mind 8x, if it is a little cheaper but am aiming for one 16x and one 8x spindle for the liteon and phillips in that order.

Thanks All!

Best bets these days IMO:[ul]
[li]Taiyo Yuden 8X +R, mid YUDEN00T02, sold as TDK, Plextor or unbranded
[/li][li]“Official” Mitsubishi 16X +R, mid MCC004, sold as Verbatim
[/li][li]Moser Baer 8X +R, mid MBIPG101 R04, sold as TDK or Philips
[/li][/ul] :cop: I don’t vouch for discs of the same MID sold under other brands than the ones I mention.

For prices and choice, best thing to do is buy online from SVP or DigitalPromo, both UK companies. I can vouch for SVP, they have the greatest customer service I ever had to deal with. :cool:

Totally agree with Franck :iagree:

I’d like to add that I’ve had very good results with MBIPG101 R04 under the Imation brand, too (I got mine at PC World, so I can only vouch for those). Having said that, I’ve been burning them with different burners (the two LGs in my sig), so YMMV. :wink:

My Lite-On loves Made In Taiwan MCC media branded “Infiniti Samurai”. I got one spindle of red top 16x DVD+R that turned out to be Phillips C16 but the rest are always MIT MCC.

Just google for “Infiniti Samurai”" - there’s lots of etailers who have it.

I also put thumbs up for SVP and Digitalpromo.

Media wise i would say DVD-R X8 TYG02, can only seem to get unbranded ones now. Have’nt tryed much else of recent times.

Both sites are now stocking X16 Plextor + and - R TY media.

It’s SVP for me. By far the best for media.