Blank media not recognized

I post here my problem,since i tried to resolve it my self since one week now :frowning:
I have on my computer a DVD RW from Pioneer, DVR-106D. When i insert a blank CD, the unit is running for about two minutes and then i got the message “Wrong media,please replace the disk” (trying to burn an ISO image with Acronis TrueImage) or “Disc not writeable. Insert writeable disc” In Nero. The same problem i have trying to use a diffeent burning program (DVD Burner Pro,for example). I tried to change the blank disks–i used Sony before), i tried using TDK or Memorex-the same problem.
But this problem doesn’t appear when i try to burn a DVD! :bow: These are working fine. I tried to continue a multisession from a previous writing-on DVD-and works perfect! I change the Nero Version,from Nero Premium 7 to Nero 6;the problem remain. I change the firmware with the last version;the problem remain!
I repeat,it is only happening with blank Cd’s,not with DVD’s.
I am out of ideas,i tried to blame the bad blank media,but i tried 4 different types until now!
Thank you very much for your support!
All my best,

Sony discs are Sony-made.
TDK discs are MBI- or CMC-made.
Memorex discs are CMC- or MBI-made.
Get some Verbatim Super Azo, or even better Verbatim Pastel or Plextor CD-R. Do not get the Verbatim Extra Protection Surface CD-R. :wink:

Does it read cd’s?

Yes,it reads CD!Had only two old ones that weren’t available for reading.
And about the blanks,I tried to use some TDK blank CD’s now.I used to write some months ago and since i bought a lot,i tried to write again on them.The same type,from the same package.Not cheap ones or bulk!No succes now! But before i had no problem on writing on the same type of Cd’s!