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There are alot of CDs and DVDs out there but only a handfull of manufacturers of said product. They usually get badged by different manufacturers for instance Fiju might be Tayo Uden or Richo…

Is there a webpage or database of some sorts that tells what brand of media is what. For instance TDK-4 4X DVDs will be TTG01 and Fuji+R 4X DVDs will be RICHOJPNR01 or something. Basically what label is actually what media.

I have a Liteon 812@832 and have had good luck with the RICHOJPNR01 but i’m looking for something really cheap because i’m broke and preferably with the wite printable label side. In order to get the best price i’m probably going to buy online but i dont want to end up with a spindle of Skymedia or something like that. So does anybody know of a media database of sorts or know where I can get some real good quality media for cheap with a white printable label side. Also i live in the US so shops in europe are out of the question :wink: Thanks in advance…
I cannot say for sure that it is 100 percent accurate but is seems to be right most of the time.

this is what you’re looking for.

Fiju might be Tayo Uden or Richo

this type of name-mangling is inexcusable. :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: looks like i was too slow on the trigger.

“Very narrow is the mind that can accept only one way of spelling something”

hehe, just messing with you thanks for the tip. i figured i was misspelling it but i didnt really feel like double checking myself.