Blank media in Paris and Spain?

I will be visiting Paris and Spain, namely Madrid, Barcelona, Cordoba, Granada, Seville, Ibiza and Marbella next month. I’d appreciate it if you guys could point out some good brick-and-mortar stores there where I can get good DVDR media, TY or Verbs. TY first preference. Which brands should I look out for?

MiFlop Extreme is always TY, and it’s a Spanish brand. Is it easily available there?

In general, Verbatim (MCC) media is available almost everywhere in Europe. Virtually any electronics shop and also many “normal” retail chains and even some supermarkets will carry them. So this should not be a problem. (As you most likely know, you should avoid the Pearl White Verbatims though, since they are not MCC, but Ritek or CMC.)

Other brands which use TY include Maxell (4x DVD+R Color Slimcase 5 pack media), TDK (8x DVD+R media, but it’s very often MBI), Plextor, and Verbatim Pastel Disc. Some department stores in my neighborhood still have Pastel Disc CD-R but no more Pastel Disc DVDs. :frowning:

Maybe they could help you directly where to purchase their media in spain. Here’s the link
Also if you would have enough time one or two days in greece wouldn’t be bad, you can get there That’s by TY media. :stuck_out_tongue: I definetely know where i’m on vacation next time.

Thanks for the response! Is it easy to get TY-Verbs? Are they widespread?

I visited Spain a couple of years ago, unfortunately I didn’t know anything about media at the time. The only discs I bought were “Platinum” brand made by Plasmon.

Bump… any more advice for where I should look out for these discs?