Blank media for Benq 1655

Ill be ordering a Benq from newegg and wanted suggestions for good DVD media to buy from there also that works well with this burner

Egg? Verbatim 16X +R.

How do the Taiyo’s compare to them in quality and compatibility??Im a newbie so pardon my ignorance.

Thats why we are all here, to learn. I personally will have the 1655 in about a week but from the thread I have read in the BenQ forum on this site, the Verbs and 8xTaiyo Yuden 000-T02-000 burn very well. I would take a look at for my media needs. I am not pimping that site, as there are many others but I have found Rima to be very good to deal with.

Taiyo is great with BenQ
I just bought 50 Taiyos from newegg
they worked great with my NEC 3540a
TY is among the best you can get

beware as some of us have discovered that the verbatim 2.4x double layer do not burn faster than 2.4x even though the package says it does. youll need to wait for firmware upgraded to take advantage of the faster speeds.

Recorded on BenQ1655
16x Verbatim MCC 004 recorded @ 12x (fastest possible in my external case)
SB OFF / ON (Known / unknown)

This is only the 3rd burn I have done in my drive so I expect things to get better as it free’s up, but this is still a very good burn.

I am getting good results with MCC 004 (e.g. 16x Verbatim +R) burned at 12x.

Here is my 3rd burn at 8x with HP LS +R media (CMG MAG E01) which is not too bad :

there are many differnt types of Verbatim on which are the best?