Blank DVD's



What blank DVD’s are the most compatiable to any DVD or all DVD players? DVD-R’s, DVD+R’s,or DVD+RW’s ect. thanks


good quality DVD+R`s that have the book type set to DVD-ROM.


I would say DVD-Rs, most players can play them.


Huh? With confidence, the answer is DVD+R (as also noted by ako). See


To clarify further, dvd-r used to be more compatible. Now that dvd+r’s can be bitset they are more compatible only if they are bitset (the book type is changed to dvd-rom). Some dirves can bitset and some cannot.


Yup. Honestly as long as you are using a quality disc of either format it doesn’t matter. Not unless you have a burner that doesn’t support booktype/bitsetting options.


Both of my drives bitset so I really never take into account if it is + or -. I use more + but that is only because my first burner was 8x+, 4x-, so my favorite medias became +. I still have a reasonable amount of - and never really even think about which will be more compatible when I burn. Most newer players play both anyway (it’s older players that have more problems with un-bitset +r).


so what are some good brands… ive read about TDK, Sony, and Maxell… any others worth using??


Just look for Made in Japan on the box. You’ll find MIJ media from Fuji, Maxell, TDK, and Sony.