Blank DVDs Turn Drive Into CD-ROM

My problem must be in Windows XP. My DVD writer suddenly can’t recognize a blank disk. Instead, it shows up as a CD-ROM in Explorer, etc. I bought a new Sony external DVD writer and the problem still exists. Reloading Nero - same result. Windows thinks the drive is perfect until a blank disk is inserted. It plays DVDs fine. I also have an internal CD writer/DVD reader. It still works fine. Desperate.

Thats okay its a windows thing. It does not matter what windows explorer sees just as long as nero recognizes the dvds . You can use dvd identifier or dvdinfo pro to see what dvd is in in the drive and its media code. Hope this helps you. Windows can not write dvds and its not too swift with cds. Did you installl nero incd-I would unistall that if you did.