Blank DVD's on Ebay

I don’t feel like paying millions for the blank DVD’s they sell in stores so (being the cheap ass I am) I check out ebay for them. They sell all sorts of them real cheap but they are brands I’ve never herd (Imperial, Ritek, CompCDR, Princo, Hyundai,Taiyo Tuden). Are any of these worth getting? I’ve had cheap CDr’s for burnin music before (the Imation) and never had any problems, so do you really have problems with cheap DVDs?

Yes you do have problems.
Cheap media from ebay is a crap shoot. You dont know if youre getting the real thing or fake rubbish.

Im sure most people (me) on this forum started out buying cheap discs- only to discover problems either straight away, or not too far down the track.

Go to a good store + buy good media.
If you dont do it now, you’ll be doing it in 6 months when your cheapo discs have to turned to shite.

Anything in my sig. is a good media to start with as well as a few others (avoid G05 Ritek).

If you want a good buy look at,,, and Occasionally has something good as well as

Some people have had problems with meritline and shop4tech. Newegg and Rima are the Gold Standard for quality service and integrity.

So why do you have Ritek G05 in your sig? :confused:

Was wondering myself…

Yup! :iagree:

The G05s I have are older. Many, many reports of problems with this media lately have surfaced and I don’t want anyone to think my good media is still available, so whenever I make a suggestion to someone new I point this out. I’ll make this clear in the future.

I recommend G04 dye media. I use Ritek Ridisc (coloured purple). I have never had a coaster and done several hundreds.

Ridsic and Traxdata are Ritek Grade A media which should be their best.

Stay away from Bulpaq and Princo.

I am glad you have had good luck with G04. Many other people have had serious problems with this media code and there is a lot of lower quality G04 sold. I have just re-burned all of the G04 I used last Spring as it was becoming more and more unreadable.

See the current scan here. This G04 was originally scaned with a good 100 PI error range.

What brand of disc was it? There are some G04 dye discs which I won’t use. I know plenty of people who use the same discs as me.

It is important to match the media with the writer. Some writers do not seem to like Ritek media.

Wow… Holy shit!!! :eek:

I was curious so, I thought I try that Kprobe software. I don’t seem to get anything like that graph as it stays blank. I do get this report on a Ridisc DVD-R G04. Is it ok?

Date : 08/04/2005 19:32:46
Model : 0-0-0-0 HL-DT-STDVDRAM GSA-4040B A304
Disc : DVD-ROM , RITEKG04 [RiTEK Corporation]
Speed : Max
ECC blocks sum (PI/PIF) : 8/1
Scanned range : 0 - 00:02:00 (0)
Sampling count : 0
Errors : 1
PI Max : 0
PI Average : 0.0
PI Total : 0
PIF Max : 0
PIF Average : 0.0
PIF Total : 0

You haven’t got that entirely correct. Ridisc are actually E-net B-Grade overprints. Traxdata are genuine grade A media straight from Ritek. Anyways @the original post, don’t touch ebay man. Almost never a good deal on media there, especially if you are located in the US. Taiyo Yuden are top notch and can be had for reasonable rates from and However if you want nothing but the best in customer service and want the premium grade TY, then go with

I just ordered a bunch of G05. :frowning:

Not my ones. They are not overprints and are A grade.

My G04s were Orange top, often called “landscape”. They were a big problem overseas and were never supposed to make it to the US. During last summer there were dozens of posts from users with similar problems. It became so difficult to figure out which were good and which were bad that most people just gave up on Ritek. I have a very good batch of G05 and now I am hearing that there are problems again with these overseas. No more.