Blank DVD'd not being recognised

To start of, I have a Samsung TS-H552U. Up to a few day ago, I was able to read all discs inserted. It could also write any of the discs that the piece of hardware supports.

When I now insert any blank DVD, in Windows explorer, it says 0 bytes available and 0 bytes free. Even when checking the disc info under Nero, does it tell me 0 bytes available. Now my question is (yes you guessed it), what must I do to rectify this.

Please help! :confused:

What brand/manufacturer of blank media have you tried. If you’ve only tried one, try something else. Might be a bad batch.
Update the firmware on your drive.


I have the same problem with my Samsung TS-H492A.

It’s insane that some media are recognised and others are not !!!

I’m I suppose to buy many media kinds just to try them ?
That’s a nice way to make us waste money ! lol :a

Where I’m I suppose to see which media is compatible with my drive ?
There are NO indications about that in or on the box !
I tried to find that answer on Samsung’s website but, nothing.

Since the company doesn’t tell me, can someone here tell me which media is good for TS-H492A ?

(I tried Fuji DVD+R and a cheap brand, Imation DVD-RW)

I just want to add that I did update the firmware.
I bought the drive in Korea and now I’m in Canada so I though the problem was the region… I changed it to region 1 and still, nothing.

It’s fustrating, I have things to burn on DVD’s…

I’m not going to spend money on buying many different sorts of media just to try them !!! I’m not even sure media is the problem… lol

OK don’t tell me…

Shame on me ! :o

When they sold it to me in Korea they told me it was possible to burn with that drive… I have to improve my Korean ! :rolleyes:

I’m happy I didn’t start a thread about that… :bigsmile: