Blank Dvd?



Hi, sorry if i’m posting this message in the wrong forum.

I’m having a hugr problem.
whenever I’m burning a DVD disc, it works just fine, and I’m able to read the disc trough another computer.
but after I’m burning the disc and I’m trying to read it, windows seems to recognize it as a blank media.
the disc works fine on every another computer I’ve tried, but doesn’t work on my computer I’ve used to burn it with.
My DVD burner is NEC ND-3550A.
this happens with every media type I’m using.
I’ve tried different media manufactures, both DVD+R, DVD-R, but this problem keep happening.

Can someone advise me what to do?
BTW, I’m using alcohol 120%


Problem has been solved after cleaning my drive with a disc cleaner!


ok, seems to have the problem again, can someone help me please?