Blank DVD\'s Reboots Computer (Pioneer DVR-115D / DVR-1910)

[qanda]This thread is about the Pioneer DVR-115D / DVR-1910. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi Folk
I don’t think this is a brand specific problem -but anyway,i’m using a Pioneer
DVR 115-D ATM. The new LiteOn does the same.

My computer is P4 3.2 running XP (SP3) -just recently upgraded the PS with 550W. Also got the 80 wire cable for the burner.

When i insert a blank DVD the drive will fire up,then reboot the computer.
Occasionally it won’t and everything works fine -but 99% of the time it does reboot.

If i leave the disc in the drive as the computer is restarting,it will go on an endless loop of reboot before it gets to the main working screen.

I’m not sure what else to do.
I’ve disconnected the other burner.
It only happens with blank discs.

Sorry if i’ve put this in the wrong forum -any help appreciated.


What else do you have on the IDE cable? And what position are the jumpers in the back of the drive?

Hi pfloyd1,
I have the drive set as master and nothing else is on the cable.
Had also updated the driver as well.

@ roxydog

Suggest using a using a diagnostic software utility program similar to PassMark BurnIn Test ( to rigorously and thoroughly test your entire computer’s hardware components to determine what particular hardware component could be causing your problem. Otherwise you are going to have to use trial and error component substitution replacement of each suspect hardware component until you finally stumble upon which hardware component is causing your problem. This could be expensive and time consuming.

Out of curiosity what is the Name/Model of your newly installed Power Supply Unit? Perchance could your newly installed PSU be a suspect low buck ‘China Made’ Power Supply Unit? These suspect low buck ‘China Made’ Power Supply Unit have caused numerous ‘weird’ computer problems. Most Computer Repair Shops have a Power Supply Tester. Suggest asking your local Computer Repair Shops to test your newly installed PSU to definitively rule out a defective Power Supply Unit.

Suggest reviewing the CD and DVD Burner Forum Read First posting titled “Troubleshooting: Drive messed up? Check your PSU quality first! Good/Bad PSU list…” (


How is the Liteon set up?

Thanks for the informative post bjkg :slight_smile:
I’ll run that hardware tester tomorrow nite -sounds like a good idea.

The PSU is a CoolerMaster -on the good list thankfully. It was a quick buy at a swapmeet. It’ pretty noisy.
That is a great thread thanks - might get a quieter one.

I’d really like to buy a totally new computer to solve all my computing problems -just not possible at the moment :frowning:

Hi Chef
The Liteon isn’t connected -when it was, it was set as primary by itself then secondary when i bought the Pioneer.Both would reboot the comp when blanks were inserted.
This was with the 40 cable -which i thought was the problem but replacing with the 80 cable made no diff.

I’ve had the problem for about 5 weeks -used various search terms -other people have had similar things happen but no solution that i’ve seen.

Well -i just ran the shareware bit from Passmark -no errors apart from 47 from the A drive -which i don’t have connected.
Perhaps not having the A drive connected is the problem? Who uses A drives anymore?


What programs are you running that has to do with dvd’s?

@ roxydog,

There is a recent Forum posting in the CD and DVD Burners Forum by Forum Member WDDD ( in which the computer reboots when blank Media is inserted in the DVD Burner. During Forum Member WDDD rebooting the Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) screen is displayed and the BSOD screen Stop Code is provided. When the BSOD Stop Code is provided that BSOD Stop Code can be researched in Microsoft knowledge base which provides information why the BSOD screen is displayed and provides trouble shooting information.

Perchance when blank DVD Media is inserted in your Pioneer DVR-115D and your computer reboots is the BSOD screen displayed. If so provide the BSOD Stop Code.


Hi bjkg
No BSOD - just straight power down and restart of the computer.
Have to get the disc out before it can restart properly.

Hi pfloyd1
I have :-
Usually only use DVDFab though as i just bought it recently and it works really well.